Pandora update for Android adds iOS' alarm clock feature

Pandora update for Android adds iOS' alarm clock feature
Back in December, we told you about an update to the iOS version of Pandora that added an alarm clock feature to the app. Now, Android users have no excuse to oversleep as that feature has been added to the version of Pandora that runs on Google's open source OS.

Some of the features include an option to repeat the alarm on all or certain days of the week, a snooze button that allows you to take a few extra minutes of shut eye, and a sleep timer that turns the app off so that it doesn't consume all of your data allowance after you've fallen asleep.

Other than the alarm clock, the Pandora for Android update adds the usual bug fixes and performance enhancers. Now Android users can be just as awake in the morning as iOS users. All you need to do is install the update which is in the Google Play Store waiting just for you.

source: Pandora via AndroidAuthority



1. mattkl

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Well I didn't know iOS has had this feature already, but I'm glad Android does now. I will check it out, I'm curious if it fades in and out or just starts at the set volume? Also iOS users, how is the reliability? Does it work every time, or can the app crash at night and not go off in the morning? Not that comparing iOS apps to Android apps are reliable scales, just curious. Thanks

2. Sauce unregistered

Depends how reliable at waking up the user is ;) xD I'm a heavy sleeper, and luckily for me I have the option to plug my surround sound speakers into my iPhone. The feature itself, I would say, is reliable and has never really caused any problems for me. Great feature and a good one at that. Give it a shot!

3. mattkl

Posts: 255; Member since: Feb 01, 2010


4. JunitoNH

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Do you use iOS?

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