Palm to release webOS tablet in first half of 2011; low-end webOS teen phone also planned

Palm to release webOS tablet in first half of 2011; low-end webOS teen phone also planned
A leaked photo shows a keyboard accessory said to be for a webOS tablet being put together by Palm. Codenamed the Palm Topaz, the device is expected to be free of any buttons on the face of the tablet and is designed to match up with the keyboard in the picture. Expectations are for a release in the first half of 2011. And if you notice some Windows buttons alongside those for webOS, there is no need to call "Shenanigans"-this keyboard apparently will be marketed as an accessory for Windows powered devices as well as for Palm's tablet.

There is also some more news on potential new products from the webOS camp. A low-end version of the Palm Pre is allegedly being readied. With no physical QWERTY keyboard on the unit, this model is expected to be aimed at teens. Codenamed "Castle", the handset is expected to be released by Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. No time frame for launch was disclosed.

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3. palmdev2.0 unregistered

Your right dude i could careless about a damn tablet just bring out a good phone that is big enough for my fingers because IN MY OPINION HpWebOs is the best OS out there

2. skulbonz unregistered

Wow, that is spot on!!!!!!! I couldn't agree more!!!!!

1. JeffdaBeat unregistered

Palm and RIM absolutely astonish me. Here are two companies with failing Mobile OS's and yet they are devoting time into making a tablet. I almost feel like tablets ultimately need to be a side project for their smartphones because let's be honest, more people are going to buy smartphones than tabs. I could see how they want to wedge themselves into the growing tablet market, but man...when you can't get it right on your tiny device, then how is anything different on a tab?

4. Droid X Doug unregistered

I think that RIM and HP/Palm have essentially similar business strategies - burrow into their existing customer base like a tick. RIM appears to be leveraging their enterprise security (BES) business model - there are customers for whom security (as in 256-bit AES encryption) trumps everything. For those customers, RIM is developing the next evolution - a tablet (or tablets) that integrates with the BlackBerry handset (where both tablet and handset run within the BES 256-bit AES ecosystem). HP/Palm must think they can pursue a similar strategy with their business customers. Although I am not aware of a compelling value proposition for the HP customers (at least not as compelling as the BES security business model).

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