Palm Pixi only webOS device left for sale at Sprint

Palm Pixi only webOS device left for sale at Sprint
Sprint must have figured that it had hit the jackpot when it worked out a deal with Palm to be the exclusive carrier for the Palm Pre when the webOS unit was launched last year. After all, the early consensus was that the model was the closest thing to the Apple iPhone and some pundits even felt that the Palm Pre surpassed the iPhone in many categories. But we all know what took place and now Verizon is expected to launch the Palm Pre 2 on Thursday as we reported.

Since the Pre 2 is superior to the original Pre , it only makes sense for Sprint to remove the phone from its lineup-which it has done. That leaves the original Palm Pixi as the only webOS handset left for the carrier's customers, at least for now. If webOS 2.0 becomes successful, or the Palm Pre 2 is everything that the first-gen model was supposed to be, then you might find Sprint looking to bring back the newest Pre. If that doesn't happen, well, the carrier has some real powerful Android models that they can concentrate on.

source: everythingpre

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