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Palm Pixi lives after spending 45 minutes in an oven

Palm Pixi lives after spending 45 minutes in an oven

In continuation tothe trend of smartphones survivingafter being mistreated, we present you a story of a smartphone, whichgot brought back to life right after spending 45 minutes of “baking”inside of an oven. Inspired by the story of the iPhone 4, whichsurvived after falling to the ground after unintentionally beingdropped off from a plane, TheConsumerist readerJim decidedto share the tale of his wife and her resilient Palm Pixi.

My wife was cooking last month.She set the oven to 450 degrees. When that temperature was reached,she inserted a baking sheet with the food she had prepared. After 45minutes, she opened the oven and found her Palm Pixi phone in theoven just inside the door. It had apparently fallen out of her pocketas she bent down to insert the food into the oven.

She immediately grabbed the phone and when it hadcooled enough, she removed the battery, which was distorted by theheat. Figuring she had nothing to lose, she placed a spare batteryinto the phone. It immediately came to life and has not given her aproblem since.

We strongly suggest you torestrain yourself from treating your gadgets to anything similar tothe story above, but if you have already cooked your smartphone inthe past, either by accident or on purpose, feel free to share theresults with us by posting a comment below.

source: TheConsumerist via PreCentral

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