PSA: iOS now tells you when your iPhone's battery needs replacement

When Apple released iOS 10 last year, some iPhone 6s and 6s Plus units suddenly started showing some major battery issues. The percentage bar was super-confused and phones started shutting off when the display would say they still have 35%-ish charge left.

Apple announced a free battery replacement program for a number of affected devices and that little (big) issue seems to have been mostly rectified since. However, it did raise awareness and got users asking themselves “How long will the battery in my iPhone remain healthy for?”.

Well, here's a fun little fact — Apple silently added a battery health alert, so you can be informed when your cell may need replacement. To look for it, you need to go into Settings → Battery. There, the warning “Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced.” will be displayed on a banner on top of the battery menu.

The feature is described in Apple's support site, posted up on the 25th of April this year. So, yeah, a silent but really useful update by Apple.

source: Apple




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Iam android user iam heavy user , my friend told me to use ios once so i tried once 6S+ Space grey 32GB with ios 10.3.3 phone is good speed camera video os all good but battery life good not very good far battery life ill give 10/7. I can imagine by just 2750mah battery iphone optimization is too notch, just iamgine if iphone give us just 3300mah battery hahaha

15. Tipus

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More brainwashing for sheeple :))

11. ph00ny

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I guess they're doing the samething that's been in MBP for a while. My wife's MBP just got serviced because it wouldn't hold any charge and it also said to get it serviced after 120 ish cycyles. They gave her a brand new top casing to go with the battery replacement (supposedly the battery is glued to the top casing on the 13" MBP)

10. MrShazam

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Speaking of batteries, the new iPhones have smaller battery capacity than their predecessors: Let's see what those iTards who being whiney bitches over the Note 8's smaller battery capacity have to say about this.

9. omnitech

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This doesn't work. My work phone dies in like a few hours if it's not plugged in and I do not have s battery warning indicator.

14. joey_sfb

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Let me share with you my personal experience on my Samsung Note 3. I was very excited with Samsung released their Lollipop ROM for it. I couldn't wait for my local edition so I downloaded the Russian edition from Samsung Mobile to flash my phone. All was well for about a year. As usual, I disabled all the third parties bloatware and some of Samsung/Google ones as well. After a year, my Note 3 started draining its battery in 2-3 hrs. I swap to a new original Samsung battery does not solve the problem. So I download my local edition Lollipop ROM to flash my Note 3. This time I disable all Samsung services and choose NOT to login into any Samsung servers and the problem was resolved. I don't know what is Samsung role in this, I am a power user so monitoring apps Battery usage is a thing I do regularly. Bottomless, trust your favorites branded phone in your own perils. If they have the capacity to screw you over, what's stopping them? NOTHING!

8. Mr.Pussy

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Oh wow! People can't tell if your battery slowing down on them anymore? If these girls go to a mechanic and he tells them they need a new engines which they don't, they would still believed it. Pull that wallet out ladies lol.

5. joey_sfb

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Wow nobody see this coming from Apple. Telling their users when to buy a new iPhone.

7. Sammy_DEVIL737

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4. PhoneInQuestion

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All the while they just send you a brand new unit from the factory.

6. g2a5b0e unregistered

You say it like it's a bad thing.

2. Myphoneisonfire

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I got a brand new replacement when i had battery issues with my 7

1. cncrim

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I remembered Apple had refuse to fix my 6s plus have random shut off around 30% battery, specially when the phone doing a lot video take like Facetime or play game. She can't fix figure it out what wrong with my phone so she send it right back however the good thing is she not charge me for the shipping.

3. slannmage

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My iPad Pro 12.9 had one faulty speaker that would vibrate under certain frequencies and it annoyed me. I had to send it to Apple 5 times for them to give me a replacement, they paid for the postage each time lol.

12. zunaidahmed

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why not just take it to an Apple store? Faster and easier to explain the situation

13. JC557

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Probably doesn't live near one or had no way to get to one at the time. While most cities have a chain electronic store like a Best Buy or similar, Apple stores are still pretty sparse in many areas. Also, some stores wouldn't do things in house or handle the shipping leaving it up to the customers instead.

17. Nirendra

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Hi. Did you get your phone battery replaced? I had the similar problem. Recently i got to know about Apple's battery replacement program for iPhone 6s and got its battery replaced.

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