Ovi Maps gets slightly updated and brings along new positioning

Ovi Maps gets slightly updated and brings along new positioning
For those who have recently checked out the Ovi Maps Beta page, you'll notice that there is a new version available for download that brings forth improved stability and a fix for some installation problems. The biggest thing users will notice is how they've implemented their new “positioning” in Ovi Maps to indicate your location. The first one one is commonly found on similar applications by using a solid red dot to indicate the exact GPS positioning of your location – which is also the same for Wi-Fi positioning in the mean time until something else comes along. Secondly, the cell-ID positioning is indicated with a transparent halo that's surrounding the red dot that approximates the location. Finally, there is a gray dot displayed on the map for the last known position if you happen to lose signal or if it simply gets lost. It's not a huge improvement, but it's still nonetheless an update as Ovi Maps is constantly trying to improve their services in any way they can.

source: Nokia Beta Labs


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1. Doakie

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Funny how I've started actually paying attention to moves Nokia makes now that I'm considering a Nuron. I'm getting very tired of Android. A girl I know just exchanged her Pixi for the 3rd time and decided she was done with Sprint and got a Backflip from ATT. I said "sorry." She might have thought I meant about her bad time with Sprint. But I was actually being a smart ass about. "Sorry you'll be paying ATT prices now." I can't believe anyone would trade WebOS for Android. I have a Pixi and a G1 and the G1 is a paperweight now. Well not totally. I'm typing this message on my G1 right now and hating the keyboard every step of the way. I should have posted with my Pixi. Next time I post might be from a Nuron.

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