Opera Web Pass lets you buy data ala carte

Opera Web Pass lets you buy data ala carte
Opera Software, the Norwegian company behind the hugely popular Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers (over 200 million users), has made it easy for those without a data plan to get online. On Thursday morning, the company introduced Opera Web Pass which allows you to purchase temporary web access on any phone capable of running Opera's browsers. Because the plan requires cooperation with carriers, Opera Web Pass is not going to work for everyone.

The first carrier to offer Opera's ala carte web access is DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. With data plans not offered in many developing markets, Opera's offering presents a way for many living in those countries to have total use of their handset. While Opera controls the actual gateway to the web, the mobile operators control pricing and marketing of the service. DiGi will give its customers the option to install a co-branded version of the Opera Mini browser or text the word "Opera" to a short code ("2000"). Users will be able to purchase temporary web access for an hour or a full day or even buy access to specific sites like Facebook.

With third party billing and header forwarding, Opera Web Pass can even be used by those still using featurephones. Opera's data compression technology keeps cost down for the carrier. Opera Web Pass works on Java, iOS, Android, Symbian/S60 devices, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. The cost of the service for an hour of web access is 1 Malaysian Ringgit per hour (33 cents in USD). For a whole day of service, the cost is 2 Malaysian Ringgit (66 cents in USD). Access to specific sites like Facebook can be purchased on an hourly basis (.50 Malaysian Ringgit or 17 U.S.cents) or for a day (1 Malaysian Ringgit or 33 U.S. cents).

source: Opera via TechCrunch
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