Opera Mobile 10 openly greets Maemo

Opera Mobile 10 openly greets Maemo
As if the Maemo doesn't lay claim to some of the most usable web browsers available in the market, they're adding yet another one to its long and never ending list. Opera Mobile 10 was recently released for Maemo powered devices like the Nokia N900 to offer users yet another mobile web browsing solution. Just don't expect things to work smoothly seeing that it was more of a hobby project by a small team of developers as opposed to the heavily funded and drawn out process some applications are put through. Although it's not an officially-supported release, it may seen as not being polished around the edges as there are some known issues with the build – such as missing support for Flash and other plug-ins. If you want to take the plunge with Opera Mobile 10, then you can go ahead and download it to see what it's all about on Maemo.

source: Opera via Daily Mobile

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