Opera for Android gets its first major update in the new decade, here is what's new

Opera for Android gets its first major update in the new decade, here is what's new
Opera, the popular multi-platform browser, is getting a major update on Android. Many of the changes included are small tweaks and improvements, but there are also some important ones like the new reader mode and configurable address bar action button.

Opera for Android did have a reader mode before, but with the latest update, it will be much easier to focus on the content you want to read. The updates to the reader mode were made based on the users' feedback and requests, and focus on those webpages that are not mobile-friendly.

In other words, Opera has added general support for reader mode, which can be enabled via a toggle in the address bar. Keep in mind that the new reader mode will only appear on pages that can be converted into a simplified format.

Then, we have the reload button in the address bar, which has been moved to the three-points menu. If you're not interested in the new reader mode, you can reposition the reload button or you can head to Settings / Appearance and choose what menu action to put into the address bar for quick access.

The latest update for Opera on Android devices changes the way recently closed tabs are restored. Starting with this version of the app, closed tabs will be displayed as a chronological list, allowing users to find and restore the tab they wish. Previously, you would only be able to restore the last closed tab, but you could repeat the operation multiple times to restore older tabs.

A bucket-load of small improvements have been implemented as well, which should make Opera for Android a more enjoyable experience. To benefit from these changes, you need to download Opera for Android 56 via the Google Play Store.


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