OnePlus doesn't consider the "jelly effect" on the OnePlus 5 as an issue

OnePlus has responded to complaints about the weird "jelly effect" which can be observed on some units of its new flagship - the OnePlus 5

Over the last couple of days, a good number of people reported that the items across the entire screen can stretch while one is scrolling through it, which caused the company to look into the problem. After its investigation, the Chinese manufacturer issued the following statement: 

The whole conundrum reminds us of the "red tint" issue that plagued certain Galaxy S8/S8+ units after shortly after they were released. Events occurred in a similar manner back then - people complained, then Samsung investigated and found no issues. However, the Korean tech giant did release a patch which provided users with an additional tool to tune the display and the problem got resolved. 

However, we might not see a similar solution employed this time around, as OnePlus claims that this is “not a QA or manufacturing defect”, which basically means that one won't be able to ask for a replacement device or expect things to be fixed with an OTA update at a later point. 


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