Consumer Reports: Galaxy S8 red screen tint isn't 'controversial issue'


The watchful watchdogs from Consumer Reports have taken the Galaxy S8 red screen tint controversy to heart, and collected no less than 8 units of the handset batches already available in the US to examine if the problem is worth issuing their usual warning for. It turned out that it isn't, and, as with so many "gates" before it, the "tintgate" in the end seems to be just a nothingburger.

While the folks from Consumer Reports did notice slight escape towards the warm and reddish side of the spectrum on a few units, this has in no way presented a viewing distortion or something that users would immediately notice if not pointed to it. "Our display evaluators noted that displays of four of our test models appeared slightly more red than the other four. It’s unclear how much consumers might object to the red tint, especially if they weren’t looking at two phones side-by-side," says the report. 

Samsung has reportedly already sent out an update to its service centers in Korea, and will roll it out en masse this week for those who want to eventually tinker more with the color temperature of their Galaxy S8 displays, so the issue might not be hardware-related, after all. The Consumer Report testing hasn't finished entirely just yet, as the battery of the S8 and S8+ is still under examination, but so far they have found the camera to be one of the best they've ever tested, and that it is harder to scratch the Gorilla Glass 5 of the S8 than the chassis of the S7.

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