This OnePlus 8 Pro design leak solves the mystery of the quad camera

The OnePlus 8 Pro design musings leak solves the mystery of the quad camera
OnePlus 8 Pro may sport S10-style front cameras that will allow for slimmer bezels and 10-15% larger visible area at the screen size of the 7 Pro. A fourth ToF camera for better portraits, as well as a tri-tone instead of a dual tone flash will be enhancing the usual main, telephoto and ultra wide-angle camera kit.

We've already had a few massive leaks detailing every nook and cranny of the upcoming 8th generation flagships from everyone's favorite underdog OnePlus, complete with fleshed-out renders of the device. 

In a nutshell, it is shaping up to be a very S10 looking device at the front, with a quad-camera vertical setup at the back, powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 865 chipset, and with a high refresh rate display.

If you want confirmation coming directly from the OnePlus CAD stations, though, and want to know why the company decided to put this button here, or drill that hole there, today you are in luck.

The OnePlus 8 Pro design prototype diagram has been leaked to True Tech by a trusted source, and it indeed depicts the all-modern quad-camera setup on the back that we saw on the previous renders. 

These are, of course, preliminary design drawings, so there are a lot of "tentative" adjectives thrown around, but the overall picture is clear - make it look like the Galaxy S10 series as much as possible at the front.

We kid, but OnePlus seems to be indeed equipping the 8 with a hole-in-display front camera, and the 8 Pro with a dual version of that in an elliptical piercing - you know, like the S10 and S10+ do. 

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Further allusions to Samsung's design are the top bezel being shaved to the minimum, and the curved screen sides. On the other hand, these are logical design decisions if you want to take full advantage of the hole-in-active-area (HIAA) implementation. 

Samsung is also going to take these to the extreme with the Galaxy S11, as rumors indicate it will sport a very refined Note 10-like design with a hole in the middle of the screen top for the selfie snapper, and even thinner bezels all around. OnePlus may be preparing to take on its release directly, too, as insiders claim that the 8 Pro would be released earlier than usual, and around the time that the S11 lands. 

As to the pressing question what would the fourth camera do, given that the trifecta of sensors stacked in the middle is probably the good ol' main + telephoto + ultra wide-angle cameras, the leaked document indicates that it will simply be a time-of-flight (ToF) camera for better depth perception. Do you like what you see so far with the OnePlus 8 series design direction?

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