The OnePlus 7 Pro gets on clear heels, see the front camera springs in action

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OnePlus already demonstrated the endurance of its new 7 Pro flagship's pop-up front camera mechanism with an epic 12-hour video of it pushing up and retracting, as well as with a cement block tied to the erect selfie snapper, and the spring-loading gear passed with flying colors.

It's not an endurance test if JerryRig hasn't done it, though, and the Destroyer of Phones run the OnePlus 7 Pro through their signature torture chamber by bending, scratching, burning and finally disassembling the device. 

While the bend test went well, and the scratch test as expected from high-end Gorilla Glass, there is one more trick that JerryRig does with "glass" backs on phones that have something interesting going on inside to showcase. 

Manufacturers usually simply apply colorful coating to transparent rears, and he peels off the aesthetics, reassembling the transparent back that is left to reveal the beautiful innards of the device. 

Needless to say, in the case of the OnePlus 7 Pro, it not only bares it all in clear heels, but we also get to see the intriguing spring-loading mechanism of the pop-up selfie camera. Sign of the times. 

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