OnePlus demos 7 Pro's pop-up camera with 12-hour torture video and a cement block

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The OnePlus 7 Pro is finally official, and indeed features a pop up selfie shooter that extends from the body to snap one for the team, and then retract back, leaving you with the uninterrupted front of the device. Thankfully, the company listened to its fans, and equipped the 7 Pro with a 3x telephoto zoom and a wide-angle camera, instead of a second rear camera of dubious use.

The triple camera set on the back, complete with a pop-up selfie camera, should make it a formidable competitor and probably the best in that respect than anything that OnePlus has come up with so far. What about endurance for the pop-up mechanism, though? OnePlus made two videos to demonstrate how it tested the retracting camera 300,000 times before it gave up, as you can see above.

There is one more durability test to be run, though - what happens if you drop the phone mid-selfie? Well, the accelerometer detects the fall, and the mechanism hides the camera back in the body in a fraction of a second. 

Finally, the camera pop-up itself should be sturdy and free of any wobbling. OnePlus has you covered by tying a cement block to test it, so you can rest assured that the 7 Pro will last you a long time, even though it has moving parts appearing out of nowhere.

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The OnePlus imaging director Simon Liu is on record saying that the camera performance will be encroaching on flagship territory but not quite there. "I don’t think we can beat them, but the imaging world is always subjective," he said, and that's entirely true - some like warm and flashy colors, other prefer the photo to be realistic, and night scenes to look like taken at night indeed. The first tests are out, and they look promising.

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