OnePlus 5 new color option gets teased, different specs coming as well?

OnePlus 5 new color option gets teased, different specs coming as well?

It looks like OnePlus 5 is set to receive an additional color option. Barely a few hours ago, this teaser image (see below) was shared by the phone maker through its official Weibo account, which makes the information more or less official.

OnePlus 5 teaser image

OnePlus 5 teaser image

OnePlus 3T in Soft Gold

OnePlus 3T in Soft Gold

So, who is coming indeed? Well, it would be safe to assume that "Mint Gold" is the most likely candidate, as the hue was present on the OnePlus 5 TENAA (Chinese regulatory agency) listing. Furthermore, its predecessor OnePlus 3T also featured a similar variant, although the official name for that color was "Soft Gold".

Another big question is whether this new hue will also bring different specs. As you might know, the two color versions of the OnePlus 5 released so far actually have different specifications and prices. The basic "Slate Gray" version sports 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, while "Midnight Black" boasts 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM. 

In any case, we'll probably find out soon, as such official teasers re usually a clear indication of an impending release.



1. Nathan_ingx

Posts: 4767; Member since: Mar 07, 2012

Excuisite Gold 256GB/10GB RAM LAWL

2. trojan_horse

Posts: 5868; Member since: May 06, 2016

How about an addition of a 265GB ROM option? That's better than an addition of a color option. But I suppose 128GB ROM is enough for most users.

3. Hallyu

Posts: 790; Member since: Jul 21, 2015

Still no match for king S8. Oneplus and other Chinese play cheap card game while its quality is in question. We are now in the world where reliability rules, price-bait doesn't work anymore.

4. Nathan_ingx

Posts: 4767; Member since: Mar 07, 2012

I don't know which part of the world you are in, but where i'm at, OnePLus amd Xiaomi's quality is pretty much up there with the best. You want to see cheap card game? Then go check out Micromax, Lava and sorts.

5. RonanDjinn

Posts: 4; Member since: May 23, 2017

No, you retarded? Samsing isn't king. The s8 is already disappointing. Slow, sluggish for a phone sporting a sd 835, bloated, they only care about hardware, not software because koreans don't think any good of it.Samsung is lazy.

6. -swagfox-

Posts: 45; Member since: Dec 01, 2016

The S8 is a huge Lag-fest compared to the 5. Same processor, but the S8 has crappy software. Samsung just wants to load up their already expensive phones with their crappy software. Oneplus doesn't do this. Also, the 5 is $240 cheaper. You can't really compare the two, but if the s8 didn't have that screen, the 5 would be infinitely better.

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