Clock problems still seem to haunt the iPhone

Clock problems still seem to haunt the iPhone
Some of you probably regret expecting your iPhone's alarm clock to wake you up on time last Sunday. Clocks across the U.S. were being turned an hour forward for Daylight Savings, yet a number of iPhone owners reported later that their smartphones were having troubles adjusting themselves accordingly.

Users reported problems ranging from failing alarm clocks to iPhones tweaking time settings when they weren't supposed to. Tracking down the root cause of the issue is proving a bit tricky for now, but some are suggesting that this may have something to do with the iOS software not getting along well with the time information, which is provided wirelessly by the carrier. Giving the phone a reboot or adjusting its clock manually seem to be the first logical solutions that come to mind and have even proven to work for some.

This actually isn't the first time Apple's iPhone is having difficulties with its clock. Back in November of 2010, when clocks were being turned an hour back, similar glitches plagued many iPhones throughout the country. On January 1 of 2011, once again the iPhone was cursed by frustrated owners for causing them to sleep in after failing to set off its alarm clock.

Has your iPhone caused you any trouble over the weekend? Feel free to share your pain by dropping a comment below.

source: TUAW

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