Official numbers are out: iOS 10 is on 76% of active Apple devices

The one thing that iDevices definitely have over their Android competitors is the consistent operating system updates that are pushed to all of them. As soon as the newest iPhone drops, the older models, the iPads, and iPods that are active in the world all get a new notification for an iOS update. And it's an annoying one, it downloads the update automatically and nags you over and over to install it, so it's easy to surrender to it.

The newest build of iOS is usually quick to get installed on most devices and makes life easy for developers and users alike... well, most of the time. So, iOS 10 has been out for almost 4 months now and Apple's official statistic says that the system has been installed on 76% of eligible iDevices. 18% have chosen to stay on iOS 9 for now, and a mere 6% are still working on older versions of the software.

Fast and wide adoption is usually good news — this means that users get to enjoy all the new features by the manufacturers and developers have a much easier time building non-buggy apps. In the case of iOS 10, however, iPhone 6s owners may be a bit regretful for hitting “update now”, as the new operating system brought about a ton of battery-related issues. Well, it's still unknown whether it's a software or a hardware issue, but the problems did start after the update, so it's natural that many users and critics draw tangents between the two.

source: Apple

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