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Oh, Samsung, who are you kidding! Official 'Galaxy: Drop tested' video is an invitation for trouble


Make of this what you will - with its latest "Galaxy: Drop Tested" video, the Infinity Display designer is aiming to convince that "we do extensive drop tests on our phones... because phones get extensively dropped." 

While that is probably without dispute, and the Note 8 pictured here, as well as the Galaxy S8 and S8+, are made by the toughest Gorilla Glass available on the market, they still live in glass houses, so don't take the video as a license to drop. 

As many a drop test video on YouTube would attest, they will crack and split when they hit the pavement from everyday heights with the same ease as Apple's newest iPhones made with the "the most durable glass ever in a smartphone" would. 

While fragility is part for the course with each and every glass phone, the repair is especially expensive on Samsung's water-tight, flexible OLED display-laden creations, and can easily mount up to the remaining value of your S8, S8+ or Note 8, so word to the wise.
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