Official LG G5 case confirms a G5 SE variant, suggests beefier specs?

Official LG G5 cases confirm a G5 SE variant, suggest beefier variant?
Last week, it was discovered that LG, despite its outspoken criticism of iPhone SE, had trademarked the 'LG G5 SE' name as early as mid-February—when Apple's new phone was still technically a rumor. We found this to be rather chuckle-worthy, but didn't want to read too much into it given how it could just be some maneuver intended to protect the company's brand. Still, the filings raised the possibility that LG, too, is working on a smaller variant of its flagship, just as it has done in the past. It would appear that's only halfway right.

Official LG G5 Quick Cover case packaging, obtained by MobileFun, has been spotted listing compatibility with both the LG G5 and a mysterious LG G5 SE device. We're not talking about fine print, either—the label is quite prominent—making it unlikely that this is an oversight on LG's part. But this raises an entirely different question.

Whereas the iPhone SE is a smaller iPhone 6s donned in iPhone 5s clothes, the LG G5 SE has got to be identical in dimensions to the LG G5 we all know, otherwise the Quick Cover case in question won't fit. This suggests that instead of downsizing, LG may be, in fact, planning on an even beefier, special edition of the G5, which may come with better hardware, or some other extra entirely. Truth be told, however, we've heard nothing on the matter so far—not even a beep. 

We've reached out, requesting a comment from LG, but in the mean time, we'll be keeping our ear to the ground.

source: MobileFun
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