O2 UK and SFR France are shelving the Palm Pre Plus already?

O2 UK and SFR France are shelving the Palm Pre Plus already?
It's hard to say concretely as to what is Palm's strategy for the upcoming holiday season, but from the looks of it all, the Palm Pre Plus might not be making itself presentable in a couple of markets for this crucial time period.

Reports are coming in that O2 UK has removed the webOS powered smartphone off its web site and is in the process of pulling it out of stores – with the intention of not selling it anymore. Quite interesting to see that it's looking to get the boot quickly, but the Palm Pixi Plus is still readily available.

In addition, it seems that SFR France is in the same mindset since the Palm Pre Plus is also no longer being sold on their web site. Speculations hint that this is happening due to the eventual arrival of a successor, which has been heard to be the Palm Pre 2 or P102UEU which was passed by the FCC not too long ago.

Even though the Pre Plus is not being offered online, it could be just some kind of temporary thing, but then again, it could seemingly signal something entirely different.

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source: PreCentral

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