Palm 'Mansion' speculated to pack a WVGA display & will lose the keyboard?

Palm 'Mansion' speculated to pack a WVGA display & will lose the keyboard?
Palm might be flying under the radar of late, especially when barely any of their existing handsets are making any waves, but some interesting news started to pour out regarding an up and coming device.

Before the Palm Pre became official, it was given the codename 'Castle', which also might have something to do with an alleged new smartphone that Palm is currently in the works with. It's being reported that Palm is indeed planning a new device which may or may not be the Palm P102 which first appeared in a certification database.

This device which is given the codename 'Mansion' looks to be somewhat promising since it's positioned to pack on an 800 x 480 display, however, it'll lose that all too familiar Palm keyboard that long time owners have been accustomed to using for some time now. You heard that right, this Palm 'Mansion' is losing the conspicuous portrait style keyboard and will place all of its text input via on-screen options.

Although it's assumed that a virtual keyboard code is somewhere buried deep in webOS 2.0, it would primarily be meant for the PalmPad, but it'll be interesting nonetheless to see how Palm's virtual keyboard will stack up against the competition. Aside from those two notable things, there is nothing else known specifically about this handset.

source: PreCentral



1. roberto0oxd

Posts: 6; Member since: Oct 14, 2009

I'm happy that palm is doing something, i've always liked that company, i cant wait until my update for the pre plus, that phone is awesome, i just hope that this new "Mansion" will knock the socks off the peoples feet.

2. grags unregistered

MOAR!!! Seriously, all of this flying under the radar stuff makes it really hard to wait for the release of the new device, especially when you're upgrade eligible!!

3. Doakie

Posts: 2478; Member since: May 06, 2009

You know I've thought the same thing. As much as carriers don't want to leak info because then people will not buy phones today but wait till a month from now, really not giving any info on a handset sucks. Cus then you wonder if you should wait, and how long are you to wait before you pull the trigger for a new handset. I know when my G1 died(after 14 months) in April I had to buy a phone, so I bought a Cliq XT which i thought was going to get an update to 2.1 anyday so I could be ok with it for 2 years. Well 5 months later i decided that I couldnt wait anymore for that update, and the handset was totally outdated so in September I bought a Vibrant off Craigslist. But it all could have been a different story had I known that the Mytouch Slide(June) and Vibrant(July) were coming out. I'd have used an old phone and hung on for a month or two to get the phone I really wanted. But at the time the Cliq XT was a month old and one of the better Android phones Tmo had. I could have always got a HD2, but I didn't want Winmo. So long story short, not knowing what is launching when makes for regrettable decisions. But now I realized that waiting for Full Discount subsidies is for chumps and you should just buy it off Craigslist a few months after it comes out. I got my one week old previously owned Vibrant for $260 with screen protector and gel case. It was obviously not stolen cus the guy had all the box and accessories, plus he forgot pictures of himself on the SD card so if Tmo said it was stolen I have a pic of who had it. if tl;dr sorry.

4. LGVX1993

Posts: 260; Member since: Jan 27, 2009

Its about time we've seen some new hardware.

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