Nvidia joins Linux Foundation, is there hope for driver development?

Nvidia joins Linux Foundation, is there hope for driver development?
The Linux Foundation is experience some pretty healthy growth recently, and NVIDIA is among the last couple of companies to join it. Why is this important for mobile devices you might wonder? The connection is not immediately obvious, but we've seen attempts to port various distros to existing tablets, and some of those attempts were successful. We should also mention that Linux and its kernel are in close ties with mobile operating systems like Android and others in development like Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko. 

Additionally, this gives the hope that Nvidia could bring native drivers for Linux boxes, but what’s particularly exciting is that this could easily translate to phones and other mobile gadgets. Ubuntu for Android is one distribution taking the mobile industry seriously and could possibly benefit from Nvidia’s participation in the Linux Foundation.

Previously, users had to reverse-engineer Nvidia’s creations in order to get them to work properly on Linux. Driver support is among the biggest hurdles for Linux to reach the mainstream as many components simply do not release drivers for Linux machines.

"Membership in The Linux Foundation will accelerate our collaboration with the organizations and individuals instrumental in shaping the future of Linux, enabling a great experience for users and developers of Linux," Nvidia's VP of Linux platform software Scott Pritchett said.

source: PC World via Engadget



1. cepcamba

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I'm guessing this move is in anticipation of the Ubuntu-Android domination.


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Yea this is very good news . Its always a pain in the butt to get Nvidia graphics cards to work on linux well. i cant wait to see ubuntu on smart phones !

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