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Now what's happening on Thursday, Samsung?

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Now what's happening on Thursday, Samsung?
As if any smartphone fanatic worth his/her salt could forget, Samsung will be making an introduction on Thursday of "The Next Galaxy". Of course, we take that to mean that the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S III will be introduced. If so, all of those questions that you were wondering about like the size and resolution of the screen will be answered. Will the international version feature a quad-core Exynos processor while the U.S. model gets the dual-core Qualcomm S4? There is enough mystery and intrigue to make a James Bond fan excited.

A reminder from Samsung about the May 3rd announcement
Samsung's "The Next Galaxy" web site put up a reminder on Wednesday just in case you had something else on your mind. Wednesday morning, we reminded you that PhoneArena will be there to keep you up-to-date about one of the most important product announcements of the year which could wipe the BlackBerry 10 OS introduction right off the front page.

The festivities start at 2pm Eastern time in the states and we figured with time running down, this will be your last shot at telling us exactly what you think the specs will be for the sequel to what many consider the best Android handset ever made. Simply leave your expectations in the comment box below!

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