Note 10+ 5G tops Verizon's download speeds, wins camera and display benchmarks

Note 10+ wins camera and display benchmarks, tops Verizon's 5G download speeds
The Note 10 duo offers a lot more to early adopters than the Note 9 did at launch. While the camera kits are still the great ones from the Galaxy S10 5G or S10+, the algorithms have been changed and new shooting modes like live focus audio zoom for video have been added. Here the similarities end, as the Note 10 has a much more refined design than the S10 family which was not the case when the S9 and Note 9 came around.

The two new Note handsets sport the highest screen-to-body ratios in their class, and fulfill the needs of both big display and compact phone lovers that drool over Samsung's new S Pen abilities. If you are bent on having Android's latest and greatest, you can grab a Note 10 and 10+ from basically any big carrier or retailer in the US, while the Note 10+ 5G will be exclusive only to Verizon at first, just as Qualcomm's X50 modem is the exclusive entertainer of Verizon's mmWave 5G network. 

Someone ran a speed test on the Note 10+ 5G hooked up to a Verizon 5G base station, and got the whopping 1.84 Gbps downloads. That's near the maximum that the modem is capable of, bazinga!

Note 10+ has one of the best mobile displays

Next in line is the new Note 10 and 10+ Premium Hole Infinity Display which got the highest scores for screen brightness, low reflectance and color presentation. The peak brightness measured was the impressive 1308 nits, but that's in a very isolated scenario, while in reality you would be finding the 793 nits measured at average picture level as the most likely scenario outdoors. 

On the other hand, those high brightness measurements brought with them higher power consumption than the Note 9 in the same scenarios which doesn't bode well for any expectations of an enhanced battery life due to the slightly higher capacity.

Note 10 and 10+ sport the fastest memory and blazing chipsets

As a sweetener to the excellent display performance, the Note 10 exhibits record processor benchmark and storage speeds as well. On the Androbench scores with One Plus 7 Pro, theNote 10 with Exynos 9825 scored way ahead of the other two phones with the UFS 3.0 storage standard. 

In addition, you can preview the boost to expect with Exynos 9825 below, derived directly from the Geekbench database on a retail Note 10 (SM-N970F). We compared it with the Verizon's Note 10+ 5G (SM-N976V), and both chipsets are killing it, especially in the multi-core scores which topped the Android chart. 

Note 10+ camera wins the best camera samples accolade

While we know that the Note 10, 10+ and 10+ 5G are top dogs when it comes to specs and performance, we were more interested in the camera behavior, as the Galaxy flagships have consistently proven to be some of the best out there when it comes to photography and especially video recording.

The Galaxy Note 10 comes equipped with three cameras - ultra wide-angle, regular, and telephoto - while the Note 10+ ups the ante by adding a fourth, ToF (Time-of-Flight) camera to the mix. Both models cover a big enough focal range between the wide-angle and the telephoto cameras, but the Note 10+ has the added benefit of being better at measuring depth, thanks to its ToF camera. 

That exact camera setup on the Note 10+ earned the highest ever DxO score of 113 overall, buoyed by the excellent marks in focus speeds, dynamic range, portrait shots, selfies and video recording. Here are a few sample shots against the P30 Pro and iPhone XS Max, followed by the general camera test conclusion, what do you think?

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