Nokia's new commercial says that it is time to #Switch

Nokia's new commercial says that it is time to #Switch
A new television commercial by Nokia for the high-end Nokia Lumia 920 and its mid-range brother, the Nokia Lumia 820, urges smartphone buyers to #Switch. The ad is timely as the Nokia Lumia 920 has been seeing strong demand. U.K. retailer Clove recently sold out an incoming shipment of the model before it could place one unit for sale inside its store for the third time. The Nokia Store in Shanghai twice was surrounded by long lines of buyers of the phone and the yellow variant was sold out in 20 minutes.

The ad focuses on the camera (pun not intended, really!) and the wireless charging capabilities of the device. Lastly, City Lens is displayed which is the Augmented Reality application for the series. You will probably see this ad played on televisions throughout the world as Nokia tries to keep the momentum going. Don't be surprised to see this spot played in heavy rotation after January 30th when BlackBerry 10 is unveiled.

source: Nokia via WMPoweruser

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