Nokia's MeeGo mobile computing platform demonstrated on video

Nokia's MeeGo mobile computing platform demonstrated on video
Nokia Blog has posted a developer's video that goes through some of the elements of MeeGo - the platform Nokia is counting on for its high-end handsets/mobile computers. It is "The first public demo of the MeeGo Touch Framework and handset UI running on a TI OMAP 4 processor." They do warn this is without the transition effects and animations added, so they can insure themselves why it doesn't look slick.

The contact list is shown in the video (called People), along with the Photo viewer, an integrated chat program, and some connectivity settings. We don't know about you, but nothing groundbreaking can be taken out of this short demonstration. We like the way the alphabetic scroll in the contacts list gets on top of the screen in landscape mode, but we can't call this innovative. This here, while minimalistic, doesn't look snappy or exciting, despite it being run on a dual-core TI OMAP4 prototype hardware.

It clearly needs more optimization and polishing, but maybe a video of it with all the graphics fireworks and additional functionalities will emerge in the next months to change that impression. Then Nokia will have to still attract developers and think about the apps, unless all the basics, and then some, will be included with MeeGo. This could prove a major source of headache for the new CEO Stephen Elop, and he might decide to scratch the whole thing altogether after a while.

source: NokiaBlog

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