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Nokia tells unhappy iOS 6 map users to try Nokia Maps on their browser

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Nokia tells unhappy iOS 6 map users to try Nokia Maps on their browser
Nokia Maps mobile web site on the Apple iPhone
While iOS 6 users can't wait for Google Maps for iOS to hit the App Store, Nokia has another solution for those burned by Apple's new mapping application. Nokia sent out some tweets to let the world know that "Nokia Maps is award winning. There is no need to be stuck with another mapping service on your smartphone." Another tweet quoted a review of Nokia Maps in Forbes which said, "Unlike Google and Apple maps, Nokia Maps put customers at ease instead of causing anxiety."

It's the latest move by Nokia to capitalize on what is considered to be a major strength of Nokia's smartphone line. If you go ahead and try Nokia Maps, remember that it is not an app that you can install, but is a mobile site on the internet. Just direct your mobile Safari browser to maps.Nokia.com. If you would rather try another alternative, there are many mapping and navigational apps in the App Store, some with turn-by-turn directions. For those partial to Google, thre is also a version of Google Maps available on the mobile web.

source: Nokia, UnleashThePhones via AllThingsD

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