Nokia slashes price of Lumia 1020 in Europe: could this be in preparation for a new high-profile Lumia?

Nokia slashes price of Lumia 1020 in Europe: could this be in preparation for a new high-profile Lumia?
Just moments before its April 2nd event, Nokia has slashed the price of its 41-megapixel, camera-centric Nokia Lumia 1020 by a large margin. You can now buy the Lumia 1020 for just €399 off contract from various dealers (in Finland), down from an earlier price of €495. In other European countries, the Lumia 1020 price has also gone down recently, and you can get it for around €450. The phone launched at a much higher original price, selling for $299.99 on a 2-year contract in the United States (you can grab it for $99.99 on AT&T now).

It is the timing of this latest price cut that is particularly interesting. First, because it comes just as Nokia is about to hold an event, where it's expected to unveil new Lumia devices. Second, due to the fact that phone makers use price cuts like this one to clear inventory before the arrival of a refresh of a device, so we have some reason to think this could signal a Lumia 1020 successor.

The Lumia 1020 comes with a 41MP PureView camera with the second-largest sensor (the Lumia 1020 has a 1/1.5” sensor, second only to the 1/1.2” one on the 808 PureView) and with optical image stabilization (OIS). Most importantly, all those technical advances pan out in a camera that has consistently scored at the very top in camera comparisons. 

All in all, we should say that we could only speculate whether this is indeed freeing the way for a new Lumia flagship, but luckily, Nokia’s event that could answer this question starts later today. We’ll be covering everything around the anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 launch and the new Lumias, so stay tuned.

source: Gigantti via @WhatTheBit

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Lumia 1020
  • Display 4.5 inches
    1280 x 768 pixels
  • Camera 41 MP (Single camera)
    1.2 MP front
  • Hardware Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus, 2GB RAM
  • Storage 32GB,
  • Battery 2000 mAh
  • OS Windows Phone 8.1



21. Beijendorf unregistered

In Daniel Rubino's rebuttal of the Lumia 1820, he let it slip that Nokia has a dual-lens smartphone incoming in Q4 of 2014 or Q1 of 2015. He speculates this could be the next imaging flagship. I sincerely hope he's wrong about the time-frame, but it doesn't sound unlikely so there's probably no imaging flagship right around the corner right now. [Source: ] Now dual-lens could mean several things. I doubt they'll go the HTC-route with a depth-scanning secondary camera. There are however two more likely alternatives. There's the Toshiba array setup where the image from two sensors are combined to form a high-resolution image (5 MP x2 becomes 13 MP in Toshibas case). Speculate freely about what this would mean in end quality, resolution and low-light sensitivity for dual 41 MP PureView sensors. [Source: ] There's also the more intriguing option where the two sensors have different focal lengths, meaning one sensor captures a standard "wide-angle" image while the other captures a zoomed image. The end result is a full-resolution image whether you zoom or not, without having to add the thickness of a zoom lens. The end-image can also be improved by cross-referencing the images to one-another. [Source: ]

19. Liveitup

Posts: 1798; Member since: Jan 07, 2014

Hating Android fanboys say WP ain't selling well, WP has one major OEM and its fighting against the popularity of Android and iOS yet its growing faster than the two big boys selling tens of millions of units, sure I saw a story on Phonearena yesterday say WP is selling well, oh well the haters will hate while their fav OS imitates WP flat tile based UI.

17. CX3NT3_713

Posts: 2365; Member since: Apr 18, 2011

Oh and eventually, every phone gets a price slash!! Fyi...

16. Puhelin

Posts: 10; Member since: Sep 03, 2013

Tavataanko torilla vai Gigantissa ?

13. CX3NT3_713

Posts: 2365; Member since: Apr 18, 2011

Lol fandroids are aggressive today on the comments.. Lol must be feeling tha new wave of CHANGES!!! Nokia+Microsoft FTW!!!!!

20. AliNSiddiqui

Posts: 382; Member since: Sep 19, 2012

Seriously! What's with all the hate? Windows Phone is a good platform, and this is coming from someone who has used only Android for the past 4 years.

8. itsdeepak4u2000

Posts: 3718; Member since: Nov 03, 2012


7. _Bone_

Posts: 2155; Member since: Oct 29, 2012

Cool price. Personally I'd sit out for nex-gen PV w/FHD screen, SD805, 4k recording and faster ISP, but hey, that one won't come this cheap.

15. dexter_jdr

Posts: 1163; Member since: Jun 28, 2012

now im getting mixed bags whether im getting 1020 now or this 930 later. its already been a year waiting for buying my best lumia smartphonecam... coz im waiting price cuts too

3. papss unregistered

The camera is boss .. I miss having this phone but my wife loves hers. Hope this is a sign that a new one is in the works.. just add a faster processor and a bit more ram and it will be a hit

2. GreekGeek

Posts: 1276; Member since: Mar 22, 2014

OR because it is not selling well?

4. mayur007

Posts: 593; Member since: Apr 10, 2012

windows phone aint selling well , they doing this because the upgrade(new phone) is coming .. still it wont sell enough(well)..

10. sgodsell

Posts: 7669; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

Why else do you think Nokia never released any Android type phone until this year 2014, because Android is expected to sell close to a billion Android smart phones in 2014 alone. That's before Nokia released their not 1, but 3 Android phones running with only Microsoft's apps and services, and none of Google's apps and services are to be found anywhere on these devices. Microsoft and Nokia need sales and revenue so they are using the Android name. Its kind of funny that their WP OS is not generating the needed sales or revenue. They even released office recently to both iOS and Android.

5. XperiaFanZone

Posts: 2282; Member since: Sep 21, 2012

I knew there would be a comment like this.

6. GreekGeek

Posts: 1276; Member since: Mar 22, 2014

Well it's Windows.....just swallow the hard facts bruh

9. papss unregistered

Doesn't need to sell well.. it's a niche phone just like the 808.. but I'm sure you knew that?

11. XperiaFanZone

Posts: 2282; Member since: Sep 21, 2012

Windows Phone* I was just saying that such comments were expected. Nothing else. And I'm not your "bruh".

14. CX3NT3_713

Posts: 2365; Member since: Apr 18, 2011

I think it sold well..Wp is still gaining market...

1. karim77

Posts: 70; Member since: Dec 10, 2012

The 930 is coming ( i wish !!)

12. dickwyn

Posts: 621; Member since: May 07, 2012

its obviously coming, but the question is when?

18. akki20892

Posts: 3902; Member since: Feb 04, 2013

Son of 920.....= 930 Beast + beauty is coming.

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