Nokia pimps its rear cameras, HTC the front ones: watch a demo of the HTC 8X wide-angle video chat cam

Nokia touts its rear cameras, HTC its front ones: watch the HTC 8X wide-angle video chat cam demo
One of the differentiating features of the upcoming Windows Phone 8X by HTC, is its front-facing camera, capable of 1080p video recording for the first time, but also featuring very wide 88-degree angle f/2.0 lens, that allow up to four people to fit in that annoying video chat you are prepping over the integrated Skype.

Now we have a live demo video of that same feature, and it is indeed something to see such a large amount of the surrounding environment fitting into the frame, making it a perfect fit for both those live streams of the family Christmas gathering, or your next frat boy party.

The HTC 8X also sports a dedicated audio amplifier, which was demonstrated to pump out some deafening sounds, so you want be left asking "What?" after each sentence either.

via WMPU

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