Nokia hopes to launch 6-12 new phones for North America in 2008

Nokia hopes to launch 6-12 new phones for North America in 2008
Being a global leader in the cell phone market, last year Nokia was at number 4 in the US. Aside from appointing M. Louison president for North America (last July), its new strategy for getting a bigger piece of the pie (only 11% in Q3) includes the release of 6-12 new cell phones in 2008. Nokia said that even though CDMA is a much smaller business for the company, this year there will be specific phones customized not only for the major GSM carriers, but for Verizon and Sprint (and other CDMA service providers) also . A part of the phones will be available in the first half of the year and the rest will come in the second pushing Nokia fullsteam into 2009.

source: Reuters



1. unregistered

Great!!! Hope to see great Nokia phones in CDMA. Hopefully the E90 will be in CDMA......I hope, and pray, and beg, and...... cry....... :

2. unregistered

CDMA don't deserve E90.

3. jvillan unregistered

will we ever get the n95 8g?

4. unregistered

i doubt it as verizon has yet to release a nokia phone with symbian. But perhaps they will change their ways

5. PHug unregistered

I would hate to see what Verizon does to a great phone like the N95. I would buy a un-branded, un-crippled version of the N95 on Sprint for full retail

6. Nick unregistered

Verizon will have their any software any device in full swing by the end of the year and you should be able to buy the phone direct from Nokia nd activate it on VZW.

7. Nick unregistered

And that assumes Nokia will sell a CDMA version that they've submitted for certification.

8. LordObento unregistered

All VZW ever had and will have for Nokia phones is those free candy bar phones and those clunky flip phones. Look back at what VZW had when Nokia was making phones.

9. Doug unregistered

I think its time that Nokia starts to do what Apple did with AT&T and force its will upon it. Try and get it to release a phone with no branding what-so-ever, except maybe a logo on the front of it and have it locked to that carrier, and that's it. I'm sick of this carrier crap especially if features like A2DP are going to be removed (N75) to get their programming to work. I'm all for seeing more Nokia phones on the GSM networks here. Especially S60 feature packed phones, like the N95/N82 or even the S40 6500 Slide and E-series.

10. nosferatus unregistered

I hope nokia make updates to this great cell phone (NOKIA 6255i).

11. Tor unregistered

6-12 sounds like a very undecided road map... Let's see, there is the N95 8GB NAM, probably a N82 NAM, and probably a N9x (successor to N95) NAM, some 3G love for T-Mobile USA (1700/2100 MHz), perhaps. Plus, we know that they are coming out with a few CDMA handsets for the first time in a while. Now you are already within the range of 6-12 new handsets.. This news sounds like "nothing revolutionary to see here, move along" to me. Hardly the move into super-sexy (read: iPhone-like) handsets in various flavors and cost targets that could do them some good...

12. Jack unregistered

I would love to see 1508/1508i on Verizon menu. I'm sick of the "sexy" complicated phones. If I want to watch TV I do it on my 52" plasma. I cannot use slide or flip phones, I despise them. Simple is beautiful.

13. etesh unregistered

gsm and cdma phone new launch (koi phone hai kya jisme double sim ho only nokia)

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