Nokia had a working Meltemi prototype with the mobile OS that never was, here's how it looked like

Remember Meltemi, Nokia's next mobile OS that never was? It turns out that the system had been developed with a working prototype, and this same phone has now leaked out for the history-curious out there.

After dumping its MeeGo operating system, which looked surprisingly good on the Nokia N9, Nokia went up for another decision - working on its own Linux-based OS under the Meltemi codename, this time for low-end phones. For Nokia at the time, this meant some more versatility for its cheaper phones as the company had already committed to a partnership with Microsoft, tying it with Windows Phone for the high-end handsets. The origins of the name of the OS are poetic, as it all comes from Greek, and translates like the Northern winds hitting the Aegean sea in summer.

In any case, Nokia never even mentioned the name of the platform officially, but shortly after its conception, sources confirmed that Meltemi was ditched, even though elements of the platform might have made it in other Nokia projects. Nokia allegedly nixed Meltemi in one of its huge restructuring efforts, and all that we are left with from the Nokia mobile OS that never was, is the prototype you see in the pictures here.

source: Softpedia

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