Nokia exec says that "it won't be long" before Verizon gets Nokia Windows Phones

Nokia exec says that "it won't be long" before Verizon gets Nokia Windows Phones
As we take a look at the Windows Phone selection over on Verizon’s lineup, some might be surprised that there is only a single offering thus far – the aging HTC Trophy. In comparison, its GSM rivals in AT&T and T-Mobile offer an extensive lineup of various Windows Phones, with the two also boasting a Nokia Windows Phone of their own. Knowing that, some are wondering if and when will we see Nokia Windows Phones for Big Red?

Interestingly enough, the possibility of it happening is closer than you think, as Nokia’s very own Richard Kerris explains in a recent interview. Presenting us with a picture perfect agenda of what’s going to be happening, Kerris notes that “it won’t be long” before we see Nokia Windows Phones making their presence known over on Big Red’s lineup. Although there were no exact dates mentioned, Kerris hints that we could expect something as soon as this fall – and even better, they’ll have something tasty in the spring that will have customers “climbing over themselves.

No doubt, there are loyal Verizon customers that are eagerly waiting for Nokia’s presence in the form of a Windows Phone 8 device, but aside from that, the interviews casts some light on the elusive Windows Phone with PureView. In fact, it’s mentioned that this would be happening “very soon.” Obviously, that should put a smile on a lot of faces, but it’s unknown at this point who’ll be getting it. Either way, it’s great to know that there is a budding relationship between Verizon and Nokia.

source: Neowin via Engadget

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