PureView coming to Lumia "Very Soon" says Nokia VP; Verizon and Sprint to soon have Lumia models

PureView coming to Lumia
Almost immediately after Nokia introduced the Nokia 808 PureView and its 41MP camera, a cry arose from Nokia users in the U.S. for the technology to be made available on the Nokia Lumia line of smartphones. After all, the Symbian OS used in the Nokia 808 PureView is not exactly a favorite in the States. While the device is available for purchase today at Amazon for $699, a Windows Phone powered version would probably be more warmly received. And such a model would be eligible for carrier subsidies as there would be no question that at least one Stateside carrier would pick it up.

For those waiting for a Nokia Lumia model with the PureView technology, we have good news. According to Nokia's Richard Kerris, VP of Worldwide Developer Relations, a Nokia Lumia model with PureView will be coming "very soon." Despite the 41MP camera on the Nokia 808 PureView, the rest of the phone is not exactly stuffed with high-end specs. The display, for one thing, is limited by the OS and offers a poor pixel density of 184ppi. The thought is that a Windows Phone powered Nokia Lumia device with PureView would allow Nokia to offer a phone with high-end specs matching those belonging to the camera and offer a display that would show off the abilities of the PureView technology.

Kerris says that Nokia wants to differentiate itself from the rest of the market and spoke about bendable screens and wraparound displays, the kind of way out things that have been on YouTube for years. The wraparound display, for example, wold make the device look like a camera when you use it to take pictures. You might remember the Nokia Morph which first appeared in 2008 on video. A few months ago, Nokia said it would seek a patent for the concept. With it's stock at a 15 year low and falling, the executive thinks Nokia can innovate its way out of the problems it has and hinted that new products would be coming this fall. Nokia's patent portfolio brings in nearly $1 billion a year and the company has over 10,000 active patents that Kerris says Nokia will aggressively defend (uh oh). By Spring, Kerris says that "people will be climbing over themselves" to get the new Nokia models. Earlier Sunday, we told you about a Nokia Lumia 1001 that showed up on Nokia's RDA.

The Nokia veep was interviewed by Neowin and said that for those mobile phone users who want to experience the Nokia Lumia line without changing carriers, "very soon" there will be Lumia models available for Verizon and Sprint customers. In the U.S., the Nokia Lumia 710 is available on T-Mobile with the Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T. Last December, there was word that AT&T and Verizon were both testing an LTE enabled Nokia Lumia 800 although nothing ever came from it. Kerris said that the current Lumia models will receive updates all the way to Windows Phone 7.8, keeping the product line fresh.

source: Neowin via WMPoweruser

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1. Wiki_jaan

Posts: 704; Member since: Jun 24, 2012

now thats a great news hope it ll be a WP8 with SD card support and some other good ideas.

4. Wiki_jaan

Posts: 704; Member since: Jun 24, 2012

i think anti-nokia people enter here who thumbs down....

22. remtothemax

Posts: 260; Member since: May 02, 2012

i think it's actually the android people generally they hate everything

23. Droid_X_Doug

Posts: 5993; Member since: Dec 22, 2010

iOS or RIM people. They hate anything that is not related to their platform of choice. I personally would like to see a W8/Lumia/PureView handset especially if the handset was well appointed spec-wise. If it came with an LTE radio at least a competitive spec sheet to my RAZR, and was available on VZW, I might make the move. The PureView camera boggles the mind.

28. roscuthiii

Posts: 2383; Member since: Jul 18, 2010

There may be a few who fall under the category of "fandroid" whose biases are loud and clear, but I think you'll find that for the most part that those who choose Android are brand agnostic and are more likely to give a different handset just as much of a chance as the one they currently use; regardless of manufacturer, OS, or even carrier if it weren't for those darn contracts.

16. -box-

Posts: 3991; Member since: Jan 04, 2012

It'd almost have to have expanded storage, given the potential size of video and image files

29. roscuthiii

Posts: 2383; Member since: Jul 18, 2010

Given their buddy buddy-ness with Microsoft maybe SkyDrive will be integrated into the phone? Wouldn't be a bad idea, I think.

30. -box-

Posts: 3991; Member since: Jan 04, 2012

True, but that involves data upload and download, and photographers like having their media on hand to edit and post process. With the lack of unlimited data that seems less than likely. Personally I've been enjoying the SkyDrive backup for peace of mind, but I'm the type of person who has multiple backups of all my data on multiple media. I even have things on 3.5" floppies, Zip disks, and CDs.

25. itiswhatitis

Posts: 423; Member since: Jan 23, 2012

Pureview+WP8+Nokia Quality Build..I'm not sure if I could still be loyal to android!

40. dickwyn

Posts: 621; Member since: May 07, 2012

yes it will support SD cards

2. som

Posts: 768; Member since: Nov 10, 2009

Buyers must buy extra memory card for 41mp resolution images.

3. Wiki_jaan

Posts: 704; Member since: Jun 24, 2012

if if upcoming nokia fone build-in with 32 or 64 GB memory and also card support

10. simplyj

Posts: 406; Member since: Dec 23, 2009

Obviously you have no idea how the pure view tech works

13. nokia_fan_172

Posts: 11; Member since: Mar 09, 2010

pureview works with oversampling technology, so no 41 mp photos will be produced, just high quality 8mp and 5mp images, get your facts right before u make such a stupid comment.

35. sprockkets

Posts: 1612; Member since: Jan 16, 2012

You can take 41MP pictures if you want, but obviously that is not required.

37. simplyj

Posts: 406; Member since: Dec 23, 2009

that's basically what I was saying, yet I got seriously thumbed down. It must be my avatar


Posts: 97; Member since: Jul 08, 2012

Nokia will never use high end products or specs on there phone's..... it's the truth.

6. Wiki_jaan

Posts: 704; Member since: Jun 24, 2012

may b nokia was waiting for WP8 OS...... or its Elop .......

8. microsoftnokiawin

Posts: 1268; Member since: Mar 30, 2012

go kill yourself because your on the wrong page it's the truth Nokia can make great technology

18. -box-

Posts: 3991; Member since: Jan 04, 2012

Are you serious? Regular Nokias and Vertus have good materials and higher reliability ratings than most other electronic brands. Sure the Asha and Series 40s are built cheap, but they're priced to match. Samsungs, HTCs, etc use the same or similar materials as the regular smartphones.


Posts: 8; Member since: Jul 06, 2012


7. Joshing4fun

Posts: 1245; Member since: Aug 13, 2010

I love the idea of creating different designs and unique functionalities. That's one thing that i miss about feature phones. There were sliders, flip phones, keyboards, twisting phones, dual sliders, and more. Now there are only candy bar phones. I'd love a unique windows 8 phone with pureview.

9. microsoftnokiawin

Posts: 1268; Member since: Mar 30, 2012

looking forward to it I'm sad but happy for Nokia

11. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Can Nokia survive? These type of plans say "yes". The worst thing about Mobile is that it develops so fast that falling behind can be painful and ugly. But, the best thing about mobile is that it moves so fast, a recovery that might take years in other industries can happen so much quicker. A strong end to 2012 and these type of unique devices going into 2013 could put Nokia on solid ground in a 18 month span. Good luck, gang. Microsoft has a ton riding on your success, and WP needs a strong Nokia.

12. JSern

Posts: 282; Member since: May 22, 2011

Look at.all the dislike on positive feedbacks, android sheeps everywhere

14. R.O.Y.A.L.L.Y

Posts: 13; Member since: Jun 26, 2012

But hardly any PRISON FANS.

17. Whateverman

Posts: 3295; Member since: May 17, 2009

Or maybe it's the same jerks that thumb everyone down for no apparent reason at all. SMH - There's always someone trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

20. Whateverman

Posts: 3295; Member since: May 17, 2009

See? Point proven.

15. -box-

Posts: 3991; Member since: Jan 04, 2012

Yay! Wonder if I could trade in a C7 and a Lumia 900 for one...

31. -box-

Posts: 3991; Member since: Jan 04, 2012

Seriously? 8 dislikes for wanting a nicer newer device than what I have?

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