Nokia engineer speaks up about Windows 8 security flaws and how to exploit them

Nokia engineer speaks up about Windows 8 security flaws and how to exploit them
Aw, Nokia! The company recently known for its close embrace with Microsoft probably did not know about Justin Angel, one of its engineers, posting a full on explanation (it’s almost a tutorial) on how to pirate Windows 8 games, but it’s a funny incident. The Nokia engineer is likely to add ‘former’ to his job title as publicly explaining all the holes in the Windows 8 system and the ways one could exploit them is probably not what the company hired him for.

Still, it’s an eye-opener. Angel took the Soulcraft Windows 8 as an example for how one could easily edit the game to avoid paying for in-app purchases.

The engineer stresses that "storing encrypted data locally, alongside with the algorithm and the algorithm key/hash is a recipe for security incidents."

Not just that, Angel also shows how easy it is to mod trial apps for full-time use and to get rid of ads in apps.

Security has historically been one of Microsoft’s weakest sides, but the company has invested huge effort to make the Windows operating system safer. Still, looking back at it starting its #droidrage hatemongering campaign against Android for its alleged (often mythical) ‘security’ problem, now seems more than ironic.

Update: And just like that, while we were writing this article, Justin Angel's blog post and actually entire blog went down.




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Update shall be on its way, it's a matter of when? I believe 5 to 6 months!

18. bon24x7

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Its not Android to only get updated every 5 or 6 months. Windows Phone 8 update is already available for HTC phones since today morning and Lumias to follow shortly. It didn't even take 5-6 weeks for the 1st update...Windows 8 is a different story doesn't matter even if it takes 5-6 months cos its a damn Desktop OS...long term...sorry to hurt your feeling TROLL...

16. ryq24

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a disgruntled nokia employee who is still loyal to symbian!

14. gazmatic

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this is not a security issue... this a payment issue... it is for all those that want to get things for free aka the pirate community this store hack has been public knowledge for weeks now... it was rather foolish of him to post about it in a public blog but anyway... not a security issue... you wont be hacked from outside... it is YOU the user who will be doing the hacking and flipping the bird to Microsoft... currently you can get every single Microsoft software for FREE long live piracy

10. mayur007

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May be a stunt to sell windows 8...

13. lzsbleach

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Microsoft is just full of stunts this year SMH

19. mayur007

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agree 100%

9. tango_charlie

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I still have access to that blogpost.

8. Insignificant

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If he was an engineer for Apple and posted something similar, Cook would have personally strangled him and hid the body, all by himself.

22. bayusuputra

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I don't think any of the apple engineers would ever do that.. they are too proud of being apple engineers.. and brainwashed too..

7. neutralguy

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I think he should be awarded for this one. He did point it out in the first place not only for the public to know but for microsoft to find a fix. What he did wrong is posted it in public immediately without consulting it to higher ups. But if microsoft is a good company, it should acknowledge these kinds of efforts and they should be open for their flaws.

4. pongkie

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what!!! the entire blog went down? I want free apps #windowsrage

3. dickwyn

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aww i always wanted to know how to get free app on windows 8, dang it

5. wendygarett unregistered

You can always jailbreak it tho :)

21. bayusuputra

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Windows is still in the court.. waiting for its fate to be decided, whether to go to the open and free like android, or jailed like the iPhone and needs to devise its plan for jailbreaking..

2. darthinvader

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flows or flaws?

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6. Droid_X_Doug

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15. android_hitman unregistered


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