Nokia Win 8 tablet framed to sport exclusive apps like 'Adidas micoach'

Nokia Win 8 tablet framed to sport exclusive apps like 'Adidas micoach'
Nokia keeps denying it, but developers keep leaking it - that's roughly the state of the rumor about an eventual Finnish foray into the tablet game with a Windows 8 slate to go with your Nokia Lumia device.

The latest development comes from a developer (pun not intended), who at his own personal blog writes that he had helped design a proposal for an exclusive Nokia Tablet app. Now we all know how Nokia's Lumia phones are chock-full of exclusive apps that only their Windows Phone ecosphere sports, so we'd imagine Nokia might have something similar in mind to make its alleged Windows tablet stand out as well. Here's the full listing:

While the app proposal certainly sounds interesting, the newsbreaking part here is that they are talking at all about a Nokia Tablet like it's a done deal. You know, smoke=fire, but we'll see if and what Nokia comes up with in its first Win 8 slate.


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