Nokia N900 CPU clock speed gets bumped to 1GHz

Nokia N900 CPU clock speed gets bumped to 1GHz
All the big boys in the mobile world are sporting processors hitting the 1GHz mark – which essentially marks a high-end status. Aside from the model names of these devices, the 1GHz Snapdragon processor stands out substantially in devices like the Nexus One, HTC HD2, and Toshiba TG-01. In order to get into the loop, the Nokia N900 recently saw its processor's clock speed jump from a respectable 600MHz all the way to the premier status of 1GHz – although 900MHz looks to be the most stable clock speed for the device. Thanks to a recompiled kernel, owners of the handset can pull off the feat which does not require a CPU voltage hack. Even though owners can experience some drastic speed differences in its performance, it would prove to be too tacking on the device which could result in some consequences down the road – so you can bump up to 1GHz now and reap its benefits, but can face some serious issues that could stem from it down the road. Despite that, Nokia N900 owners can really stick it to those Snapdragon owners.

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