Nokia N8 to be 180% faster than the N97

Nokia N8 to be 180% faster than the N97
The Nokia N97 was surely a pretty controversial handset that couldn't live up to the expectations associated with it. As we are now moving closer to the unveiling of the manufacturer's next flagman, the Nokia N8, we are beginning to wonder if it will have what it takes to reinvent Nokia in the high-end smartphone segment.

We are now seeing the first signs that the N8 might be able to do just that, at least judging by the performance tests the guys and gals over at FinestFones have done. Using the Speedy Go! benchmark application, the Nokia N8 has achieved a 54% higher score compared to the Samsung OMNIA HD, and a whopping 180% higher, when put next to the Nokia N97. In addition to that, the Nokia N8's hardware graphics accelerator has achieved a maximum score on the FPC Bench 3D graphics benchmark with a stable 60fps on all tests. And while some current Symbian S60 5th Edition phones also have graphics accelerators, it seems that 5th Edition isn't really capable of using the full potential of the hardware, while Symbian^3 will be able to do that.

Nokia N8 Specifications

source: FinestFones via SlashGear

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