Nokia N8 to be 180% faster than the N97

Nokia N8 to be 180% faster than the N97
The Nokia N97 was surely a pretty controversial handset that couldn't live up to the expectations associated with it. As we are now moving closer to the unveiling of the manufacturer's next flagman, the Nokia N8, we are beginning to wonder if it will have what it takes to reinvent Nokia in the high-end smartphone segment.

We are now seeing the first signs that the N8 might be able to do just that, at least judging by the performance tests the guys and gals over at FinestFones have done. Using the Speedy Go! benchmark application, the Nokia N8 has achieved a 54% higher score compared to the Samsung OMNIA HD, and a whopping 180% higher, when put next to the Nokia N97. In addition to that, the Nokia N8's hardware graphics accelerator has achieved a maximum score on the FPC Bench 3D graphics benchmark with a stable 60fps on all tests. And while some current Symbian S60 5th Edition phones also have graphics accelerators, it seems that 5th Edition isn't really capable of using the full potential of the hardware, while Symbian^3 will be able to do that.

Nokia N8 Specifications

source: FinestFones via SlashGear



1. ilia1986 unregistered

Very nice. It will make an excellent Android port.

2. jpropin

Posts: 152; Member since: May 20, 2010

Won't need anything to do with Android with this phone! Its just fine with it. You have HTC for your Android fix.

3. ilia1986 unregistered

Umm wrong. It isn't fine. It needs at least the same amount of applications as currently available on the Android market in order to be called worthy in my book. And I won't even mention the customization available with Android. It also appears you are wrong in the second part as well. To date no single cellphone from HTC with Android has a 12MP camera. People installed Android on the HD2 because of it's screen. They will also install it here because of the camera and the specs. They will take what is rightfully theirs.

4. jpropin

Posts: 152; Member since: May 20, 2010

No phone need the Android Market to stand on it's own merit and be worthy in my book. As far as the second part, not wrong again. You misunderstood. My point is that if you are enamored with Android, you have HTC to take care of your needs for Android Phones as they are the major suppliers of such phones. Others people may want other choices. The bottom line If you love Android and the Android Marketplace, buy Android Phones. If you love Apple and the Apple Marketplace, buy an Apple. But some people still want a choice. That is what being a consumer is all about.

5. ilia1986 unregistered

How can you POSSIBLY love Nokia - and not love Apple and\or Android? You want choice? Android is the synonym for choice. Its what this OS is all about. I could understand if it were a blackberry device - they are still better in Email than others.. But Nokia? Exactly what does Nokia have that Android\Apple don't? Only this phone here which has a good 12MP camera. and because of that - since there are no HTC phones on the horizon sporting one - this phone WILL be used by many to run Android.

6. jpropin

Posts: 152; Member since: May 20, 2010

The point of liking a Nokia or not is NOT the question Again, its the ability to HAVE a choice. Just because you choose one thing does'nt mean that I have to choose it to or anyone else has to choose it. People choose things for ALL sorts of reasons. It's all personal. Just because you choose one thing, it doesn't mean the other person's choice is bad That should not be hard to understand....really.

7. ilia1986 unregistered

Yes it should. People do not choose inferior products when at this price or less they can buy products which are superior to that. Lets take the N8 for example. It is a superior product when it comes to the camera, but inferior compared to everything else (customization, interface, ease of use, amount of applications, etc). So one can take an Android phone from a different model and think it is superior to the N8. One might be right, or might not be. But if that same person takes the N8, removes the Symbian OS and installs Android 2.2 FOR FREE, one not only gains all the aforementioned advantages of Android, but also the singe advantage that existed on the N8 before that - the 12MP camera. Thus a certain product was turned from a regular product - to a better one - and is superior to it's previous incarnation. Or in other words - the vanilla N8 was inferior to the Android-powered N8. You still have the choice of buying either this Android powered N8, or another Android phone, or an iPhone, or a Blackberry. See? Everyone happy. Its all pretty simple as that.

8. jpropin

Posts: 152; Member since: May 20, 2010

Who says its inferior? You? Have you seen it yet? Used it yet? ......I did'nt think so. Maybe the FanBoys for and against Nokia need to hold their judgement until the product is actually released......LOL

9. ilia1986 unregistered

Or maybe we just need to look at what has been released before, not to mention to look at damn facts in the eye.... LOL No Nokia device running anything but Android is ever going to compare to the top range of smartphones today. Not in the quantity of apps, not in the quality of the interface, not in the ability to customize the phone itself. Nokia had it's chance back at the time. It failed. It WILL fail yet again, because no matter how good the N8 is going to be - it's still going to be tied to the pathetic Ovi store. I don't need to hold my judgment of it until Its released. I already deemed it as a failure because its a Nokia device (I happen to have one of those devices myself).

10. thatdude1 unregistered

@ilia1986-you are such an android fanboy! Because you don't like Nokia means it is a fail? Get over yourself. No one cares about what you think except you. Nokia handsets are far more customizable than android handsets. Nokia has thousands of apps for it on other third party app stores. And Symbian is far ahead of android in terms of market share AND handsets sold. Check your facts, fanboy.

11. ilia1986 unregistered

Aside from the last fact - I won't even comment on the complete collection of nonsense that you posted.

12. mileyrool

Posts: 2; Member since: Jul 15, 2009

It's just fine people it's better than iphone4s because the price and the camera and nokia realy got to have abetter store that is important(my english not very good sorry)

13. ilia1986 unregistered

Oh. So you believe that just because it's a high end top notch device, Nokia will somehow magicall vastly improve it's Ovi store to be comparable with the Android Market? Do I sense a Deja-vu here from the days of the N97? Exactly.

14. thatdude1 unregistered

@idiot1986-you don't want to comment on what I said because it's true. Apps do not make a handset great unless the handset is already a piece of crap(like the iphone)and needs the apps just to be competitive. And I state again, if android were better, how come the stats say differently? Face it: android will NEVER match let alone beat out symbian. If you do not like nokia so much, then why comment in the first pace? Go run along and play in your android sandbox.

15. ilia1986 unregistered

Lol you're hilarious. You're obviously living in your own soap box. Or maybe you're just a Nokia employee.. that could also be true. iPhone is a price of crap.. lol.. No no - I'm not going to waste another second of my time here on you. You obviously won't understand. I guess some people like to head-butt walls until they - or the walls break.

16. thatdude1 unregistered

@idiot1986-iphone is a "price of crap": use spell check. It works. Second, the only one hitting their head on a wall is you. Stats posted for all to see. 1.2 billion users of nokia handsets each day.....and you are the one wasting your time on me? You truly are a FANBOY. Maybe you should ask google for a job.

17. ilia1986 unregistered

And maybe you should think for a bit and understand that just because it has just been 3 years since the iPhone was introduced - and people have begun to understand that the cellphone is their future personal computer, it doesn't mean that things will stay the same in the near future as well. The smartphone is gaining popularity - and by the numbers. People still buy nokia devices because either they are not aware of how awesome REAL smartphones (read, iPhone and Android devices) are, or just because they *think* they don't need one (the future will prove them wrong). Now, why do I say REAL smartphones? Because Nokia has got not a single one that is! A real smartphone, is a smartphone on which you can install MANY different applications, and that can do a LOT of other things. Now lets compare. The Ovi store has maybe 5k apps.. the Android market has more than 50k, and the Appstore has 200k. The latter two is the definition of MANY. I have a Nokia 5800. Not only this phone doesn't come close to either the G1 or the iPhone 3G (in the time it was released comparatively), it takes me about 5 minutes to find an app on the Ovi store which I even remotely think will be useful. Thats why I only got 5 - 6 apps installed. I also have an iTunes account. It takes me less than 30 seconds to fins something useful there. I already got more than 100 different apps while spending maybe 15 minutes looking for them all overall. And that is despite the fact I don't even have an iPhone right now. Its all about Variety Now you're obviously going to say that there are a lot of 3rd party software sites from which you can also download apps! Well first of all thats true for Android devices as well What is also true, is that a lot of these sites contain apps with bugs, apps that don't work correctly, or not at all, or even apps with malware. This comes from personal experience, mind you. This is in addition to the fact that a lot of apps from the Ovi store also don't work all that all, or not at all sometimes. Many times I would download a game, just to discover you need to be connected to the internet every time you open it - to play it. And thats no online game. Anyway, to conclude - Android - and Apple devices have a LOT of apps to install on them. And that means they can be 50k and 200k different things respectively. Nokia has maybe 5k, out of which maybe 2k actually work and\or are priced about the same as their counter-parts in the Market and appstore (10 euros for a pdf reader vs 0.99$ lol) Now, this is not just the apps. First of all, No nokia touch-screen device has Multi-touch support. Second of all, No nokia device allows the kind of customization Android has - when it comes to widgets, total system control, etc etc. So to conclude: 1. Nokia devices lack multi-touch 2. Nokia devices don't have as much customization options as Android devices do. 3. Nokia devices have an insanely low amount of apps to choose from. I will NOT be buying another Nokia phone after the flop the 5800 turned to be (at the time, I thought it was like the iPhone). Even if it has a 130MP camera and an interface prettier than a role model.

18. jpropin

Posts: 152; Member since: May 20, 2010

The 5800 has sold millions worldwide, probably only second to the iphone and far, far ahead of any Android Device. If that is what you call a flop, I'm sure every manufacturer would like a flop or two in its lineup......LOL

19. jpropin

Posts: 152; Member since: May 20, 2010

I have about 90 games and apps on my 5800. They are ALL quality and ALL useful because I don't add things I won't ACTUALLY use. You won't find 20 different fart and burp apps on my phone. I don't need apps I don't use just to feel like I'm getting my money's worth out of the device. 95% of them I got for free. Theres TONS of apps out there, but they are not all in the OVI Store. I have found stuff all over the web from sites I TRUST So for the life of me, I don't know what your endless obsession with apps is all about.

20. ilia1986 unregistered

Too bad. I hope for your own sake you'l never know. After all - its all just nice to live in your little world and ignore whats going on outside.

21. SwagR

Posts: 8; Member since: Jun 08, 2009

I've took the time out to read all the back and forth arguements with android vs nokia etc...i've seen a lot of valid points and i felt the need to just give my input. @ilia1986 has some points but for him it seems like his arguement only revolves around apps and the amount of apps one can install on his/her device. I think the iphone started this app war, just like the megapixel war. Itunes has over 200k apps but how many are useful? The N8 is a great device but Symbian is a dying breed in the smartphone world because there is no innovation where that is concerned, Symbian devices still currently hold the top market share because of 2 reasons...1) Extremely Loyal Nokia fans and 2) Its been around the longest. Android is the youngest smart phone OS and is gaining ground extremely fast, i reckon that within the next 2 years, android will be the leading operating system if it continues to grow the way it is. I currently own a Nexus One and an I8910 HD and the speakers and camera on the I8910 HD makes the N1 bow down, but thats where it ends...The android experience is far superior to anything i've used before and it keeps getting better....I'm not gonna take anything from the N8 cause Nokia makes great phones(that sell in millions) but they need to start making more Maemo devices to stay competitive cause Symbian can't keep up with the competition....but @ilia1986 there's more to a smartphone than apps...I'm also reading that the N8 is 54% faster than the I8910, it will still be over 100% slower than the N1, thats jsut how fast the N1 is...but there's still no perfect smartphone....for me at least build the perfect smart phone, we would need Nokia to make the Camera and Speakers, Samsung provide the Processor and Display, HTC put everything together...oh yea and the OS would be ....*drumroll* ....Android!! :-)

22. ilia1986 unregistered

+ 1 to you my friend, and I wish I had the power to make it + 100. You speak pure truth. I doubt anyone could have expressed it better than you, myself included. Now regarding the smartphone - it's true that a good smartphone is not just about apps. But when it comes to the iPhone - No iPhone is a bad one. In fact it's very very good overall. Including speakers and Camera. The current 3GS camera with 3.0 MP provides superior image quality to a helluva lot of many 5MP devices out there. When it comes to Android, there are better models, and there are worse ones. Thats certain. You being the owner of the N1 hve probably heard of the several bugs and technical paorlblems that many N1 users have. So of course apps is not all. But lets take a look at the Average Android 2010 smartphone. It has 1 GHZ processor, about 256 - 512 RAM, a 3.2 - 4.3 display (the bigger, the better), and obviously a capacitive touchscreen (some might not even have multi-touch). That's not a Bad smartphone. That might not be the best top of the line out there, but it's certainly not bad. And even thought that particular smartphone may have a slightly worse camera, and not very high-quality speakers (while others like it who also run Android do), its still has access to a lot of apps. Whats a Camera? An app that allows you to take pictures and videos with your phone. Sure its much much more useful, than say - an app that makes your phone emit a lightsaber sound, but could it be more useful for example than a Facebook app? Or a good browser? Its a matter of preference. Now, I can tell you right now that the majority of Android devices have 5 - 8 MP camera. Does that mean that they have a superior camera to say - an N95? probably not (I checked the image results - the N95 has an incredible camera). But what is more important? To have a slightly (not by far - but slightly) better camera quality, or to have access to 50 - 200k apps? I say the latter. I may not own an iPhone, but as I said - I already have more than 100 apps on my iTunes acc. And none of them is a fart app. People who believe that the Appstore\market are just full with fart apps and other useless stuff must have never opened it themselves. Now regarding the Speakers. Having good ones might be a nice boost, but the cellphone will never be able to provide you with even half the quality of say - a boombox. And besides - do you really need them that much? Aside from phone calls - I don't know many people who actually use the built-in speakers to listen to music and etc. Thats why you have headphones. As well a s a 3.5mm jack if you wanna plug your own. I don't really know whats so special about Samsung processors, but their Displays are indeed a thing of beauty. But then again - they also got Android phones. And AMOLED is not samsung exclusive afaik. In short - the smartphone is not ALL about apps, but It running on Android and\or iPhone OS already makes it at least 50% of not more worthy. The other 50% comes obviously from the hardware. But as I said - almost none of the phones that run on the aforementioned OSs - have any bad ones. Almost everyone is a top-notch smartphone. So one of them might have a slightly worse off camera, or a slightly dimmed display. Its the amout of things that you can do with it that counts. One would rather have a car that can travel anywhere, but maybe have a slight problem with it's steering wheel, than have a car that can only go to fixed places, but work flawlessly. Oh and BTW - regarding Maemo - last I checked - it had the same GUI as Symbian S60, and it still is connected to the Ovi store. Maybe of Nokia had made the screen of the N900 capacitive, it would indeed have a good place to stand among the other top smartphones, but since you actually have to press on the screen - like on my Nokia 5800 - the experience is extremely awkward.

23. thatdude1 unregistered

@idiot1986-ONCE AGAIN: apps DO NOT make a handset great. The iphone ONLY allows you to install 3rd party apps approved by apple, not from other places. The iphone is NOT a SMARTPHONE. It cannot even multitask. With ALL the apps that android and iphone have, they STILL LAG FAR BEHIND NOKIA in terms of market share and handsets sold. And clearly, you DO NOT KNOW about Nokia devices. The x6 is a NOKIA DEVICE! IT HAS MULTI-TOUCH! All Nokia devices allow for far more customization than android (and definitely iphone) devices. And the Nokia 5800 OUTSOLD THE IPHONE. Nokia touchscreen phones OUTSELL ALL iphones! The only fact you have on your side is the apps from OVI STORE, not from anywhere else! And android handsets allow you to download SOME apps from 3rd party app stores, but NOT NEARLY the amount that NOKIA devices allow. If you could not customize your 5800 better than you could an android device, then you truly do not know how to use a smartphone. And yes, NOKIA does build and have smartphones, as evident by the fact that they can DOWNLOAD and INSTALL 3rd party apps! And Nokia handsets have far more features than ANY android handset or iphone! Before you speak, please be ready to back up what you claim with PROOF(aside from the number of apps in the ovi store)as I have. Just because YOU DON'T like Nokia, does not make what you say correct. And NO ONE gives a rats @$$ if you do not purchase another Nokia handset AGAIN. They will survive and keep on being #1 in the WORLD in HANDSETS SOLD and their O.S. WITHOUT YOU.

24. thatdude1 unregistered

If the N1 was so great, then how come even google, the N1's creators, do not wish to continue to support it? They are actually telling verizon customers to go for the Droid Incredible! And android will never surpass symbian in 2, 10, or 20 years! If Symbian was a dying breed, how to they maintain the top spot? It is not just loyal customers(although if they are loyal, Nokia MUST be doing something right!)! You like android, and thats great. But more people the WORLD OVER prefer SYMBIAN. And idiot1986-the N900 is better than ANY CRAPPY ITOY or android handset. CLEARLY, you do not know how to use a Nokia handset. Please speak on what you KNOW, NOT HOW YOU FEEL.

25. SwagR

Posts: 8; Member since: Jun 08, 2009

Ummmm...not being flamer but...Google did not stop supporting the the N1, they stopped selling it from the EStore and are now selling it through retail outlets. How could u say something that's not being supported to get all firmware updates first? No other Android handset is receiveing FroYo updates as yet... Next, it keeps the top spot because it has had it for years but if you check your facts you will that Android is GAINING market share, so who's losing market share? Whether it be to RIM, Apple or Google, Symbian is losing market share to someone...Do your research. I'm not an Iphone fan, nor any manufacturer for that matter and i really don't see why am even discussing Android on a Nokia N8 post but..hey..gotta give credit where its due, the N8 is gonna be a good phone with an excellent camera and Symbian has proven itself countless times but Nokia keeps shooting itself in the leg...The screen is smaller than an N1, it has less Ram than an N1, Slower Processor than an N1, Lower screen resolution than an N1 but it does have a better camera and more onboard memory than an N1... if the N1 had all the same specs less the camera and onboard memory..i'd still buy the N1 just because Android has a much better user experience than Symbian...That just my opinion...

26. ilia1986 unregistered

to thatdude1 I Would just like to point out that the iPhone is a Smartphone - because a smartphone is aphone which "allows the user to install and run much more advanced applications based on a specific platform". Thats From Wikipedia. As said before - do your research. The X6 does not have multi-touch. Direct quote from the very site you are posting on now, thatdude1: "The Nokia X6 doesn’t sport multitouch support" So - one again - do your research. But I guess you just won't. Its far easier being ignorant and continue to say that "NOKIA IS TEH BEST" even when being noit just presented - but blind-shot the facts to your face. Oh and in case you wondered - I know how to use the Nokia handset. I actually tried using it the way you described. The result was that my phone became slower than a turtle, and the calendar\profile menu would'nt open up. And another thing - the N900 cannot possibly be better than anything else out there - certainly not even better than the first iPhone - and that is because of the inevitable fact that it still has a resistive touch-screen - and of course - no multi-touch. You know, thatdude1, it does make me wonder what will you claim next... maybe you'l say that all Nokia devices have little magic fairies who make all your wishes come true if you rub your phone against your head 3 times.. I guess for a complete fanboy like you it would seem pretty natural. Then again SwagR is (obviously) right.. I should't be wasting my time trying to explain obvious facts to you thatdude1.. I should instead continue my research into the cellphone industry - so when the time comes to dump my 5800 brick in favor of a device I'll actually enjoy using - I won't make the same mistake yet again.

27. thatdude1 unregistered

@idiot1986-the x6 does support multi-touch in the browser. And by your own posting from wikipedia about smartphones, Nokia handsets ARE SMARTPHONES! They have been doing this for years. Please read what you write next time before posting, you just put your little pecker in your own mouth with that one. In your next post, you will probably say that all of this FACTUAL information about Nokia is just lies and propaganda spread by them, anything to help you sleep better at night safely tucked under your dora the explorer sheets. So lame. And swagR- I DO research my information. That is how I know that Nokia has a dominating 44.3% market share and android has only 9.6% of the market. That is a WHOPPING 34.7% lead over android! As a matter of fact, if you put androids 9.6 with iphones 15.4, Nokia still dominates them both with a 19.3% lead. IF android ever catches up to Nokia, you and I and idiot boy will be long dead when that happens. Oh, and I have all of these numbers how? RESEARCH. And something must be said for a handset creator (google via htc) that tells customers to purchase the droid incredible instead of the "mighty" n1. Oh.....didn't Verizon AND Sprint pass up the n1? Could it have been all those connectivity issues? And didn't Google say that they were not addressing any more n1 connectivity issues, leaving n1 owners to suffer? Not so "mighty" are we, n1? I am not saying there is anything wrong with your choice of o.s., it is your preference after all and the two of you are welcome to it. But don't knock MY choice because it's not YOURS. Kindly keep your negative comments to yourself. As you said, why would you come talking about android on an article posted about the Nokia N8? And as for Rim, I love blackberries! BUT.....Nokia E-Series handsets outsell them regularly. Thats a FACT. How do I know this? Because I do my RESEARCH. And you may not like Nokia and Symbian, but 1.2 BILLION USERS of Nokia handsets daily cannot all be wrong. Oh, and that is a FACT that can be RESEARCHED.

28. ilia1986 unregistered

LOL See? What did I tell ya? He continues to ignore the facts of life. This is a direct quotation the Noikia X6 review on THIS FRIGGIN SITE. "The Nokia X6 doesn’t sport multitouch support and you control the browser in much the traditional way, i.e. by using one finger" Please pay attention to the words "DOESN'T", "TRADITIONAL" and "USING ONE FINGER". And I'm sorry but you're just a fanboy. SwagR actually tried to reason with you. And so did I. But I guess true fanboys will never learn. " IF android ever catches up to Nokia, you and I and idiot boy will be long dead when that happens" I certainly hope you're right there.. that YOU will be dead by the time it happens, because me and all the other thinking people in the world certainly won't. So according to what you just said - you better try to find some inner peace in the 3 - 5 years that you have until then. I'm done here. I really am. A human being that refuses to ignore facts and reality. If I worked in the DEA, I would have pursued Nokia for drugging this poor fellow. Maybe thats how they got that 40 plus percentage of sales up until now. You all have a good day.

29. thatdude1 unregistered

Hey idiot1986-you still on this? I throw all sorts of facts in your ugly mug and you are STILL trying to say android is better? I gave you the percentage numbers. Android is ok, but DOES NOT cut it against Symbian. Please, stay off the android pipe. Go seek help. Leave me alone. I got better things to do. Make peace with your android gods and drop dead already. They really did a number on you and swagR. I feel sorry for you two. Maybe one day you will come to realize what a complete idiot you are, but I doubt it. Men lie....women lie....but the NUMBERS DON'T. I'm out.

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