Nokia N1 in lava gray pops up in actual photos

Nokia N1 in lava grey pops up in actual photos
Nokia just revealed a thin aluminum Android slate with a zero air-gap 2K display, 64-bit chipset, 32 GB storage, Wolfson sound processor, quality speakers and mics, as well as a brand new Z Launcher software, meant to simplify your Android experience. The cited $249 price tag for the N1 is more than welcoming as well. The most interesting thing, however, is that Nokia actually licensed its name, know-how, and intellectual property, including the Z Launcher software, over to an OEM company, which will be making and selling the tablet.

This might explain the iPad mini-esque design paradigm, too, and, judging from the first leaked hands-on pictures of the N1 below, in its Lava Gray color reincarnation, the resemblance is even starker in flesh and blood. Availability is cited for the first quarter of next year, at first in China around the local New Year's shopping spree, and then supposedly a further rollout will be happening. Whether or not the N1 tablet will keep its $249 price tag when it crosses over the big ponds, remains to be seen.

source: Weand via G4Games

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