Nokia Lumia McLaren prototype shows off its 3D Touch system in leaked video

Nokia Lumia McLaren prototype shows off its 3D Touch system in leaked video
Remember the Nokia Lumia 1020, the Windows Phone handset that the company launched back in 2013 to critical acclaim from mobile photography enthusiasts? The handset sported a 41MP primary camera with a very large sensor, being more alike to a digital camera than a modern smartphone in terms of design. In the past year or so, there was a lot of talk about a potential successor to the Lumia 1020, a smartphone that was said to be codenamed McLaren internally.

According to insider sources quoted by various reports, Microsoft cancelled the Lumia McLaren last fall, but this hasn't stopped the handset from surfacing in several leaked photos since. If you're curious - we know we are - to learn more about the allegedly-cancelled project, a newly leaked video showcases a working Lumia McLaren prototype in more detail than any of the previous leaks, at least when it comes to the handset's most interesting intended feature.

The leaked Nokia McLaren video shows off the experimental 3D Touch navigation system that the handset was supposed to be launched with. According to bits of information gathered from around the tech blogosphere, the 3D Touch navigation was supposed to allow the user to manipulate live tiles without actually touching the display. Allegedly, insecurities regarding developer adoption and hardware incompatibilities caused by the touchless interaction system forced Microsoft to cancel the McLaren. Make sure to head over to our Nokia McLaren rumor roundup for more unofficial details on the handset.

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