Nokia Lumia Live show to project on the 30-story Millbank Tower in London at 9pm UK tonight

Nokia Lumia Live show to project on the 30-story Millbank Tower in London at 9pm UK tonight
As we told you Friday, Nokia is prepping quite a spectacle tonight, and if you happen to be in London it is shaping up to be great entertainment. We have a starting time now - 9pm UK time, with the Nokia Lumia Live projection show meant to be the biggest video-mapping fun of its kind to grace Great Britain, and will be projected across the Thames River on the wall of the Millbank Tower.

The building is 30-story high, and the Drive Productions team has been hard at work to fit 400-feet butterflies and other surprises on the width and length of the skyscraper. As a reminder, the powerful projectors will be dancing to the tunes of the iconic deadmau5, with a dedicated live soundtrack created for the event. The whole ordeal is expected to last mere four minutes, but judging from the video below the guys from Drive Productions know how to make those minutes worth your while. The soundtrack will be broadcast live on Nokia UK's Facebook site.

source: NokiaConversations



1. XiphiasGladius

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Nice, Looks like their revin\' up their promotion in a big way.

2. ChiX017

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3. 7thspaceman

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4. SemperFiV12

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That is awesome!

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