Nokia Lumia 925 appears in new Superman flick

Nokia Lumia 925 appears in new Superman flick
You can't accuse Nokia of not trying hard to promote its phones. We've recently seen the Finnish manufacturer's handsets appear in music videos featuring J-Lo and Kelly Clarkson. As you might have expected, both times it was the top-shelf Nokia Lumia 920 that got the nod from directors. But now, a newly unveiled Nokia model has made the jump to feature films with an appearance in the new Man of Steel Superman movie.

Nokia has already been selling Man of Steel cases in India and a long featurette for the movie shows a metal cased Nokia handset with an exaggerated Nokia branding on top. The metal casing points to the device being the Nokia Lumia 925. Look how large the Nokia name appears on top of the phone.

You can find the Nokia Lumia 925 making its acting debut at the 9:42 mark of the video. If you're a Superman fan, you're going to want to see the whole video. If you're a Nokia fan, just skip ahead to the important part.

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source: YouTube via WMPoweruser

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