Nokia Lumia 920 drops to 99 cents at AT&T with a two-year pact

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Nokia Lumia 920 drops to 99 cents at AT&T with a two-year pact
The Nokia Lumia 920 at one time was the flagship Windows Phone handset and an AT&T exclusive in the U.S. It was the phone that started the whole low-light photography battle that has led to lower aperture figures on top-shelf models regardless of the platform. But time marches on and Nokia has brought out the Nokia Lumia 925, the Nokia Lumia 928 and of course, the Nokia Lumia 1020. So AT&T has axed the price of the Nokia Lumia 920 down to 99 cents with a signed two-year contract.

Despite the subsidized pricing, off-contract AT&T is asking for $10 more ($439.99) for the older handset than for the Nokia Lumia 925. That might have to do with the fact that the former model is stuffed with 32GB of storage, twice what the newer unit contains. And don't forget that wireless charging is built into the older phone.

On October 22nd, we expect to see Nokia introduce the first Windows Phone powered phablet, the Nokia Lumia 1520 which will change Nokia's lineup.

source: AT&T via WPCentral

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