Nokia Lumia 635 promo shows Siri users requiring group therapy

Nokia Lumia 635 promo shows Siri users requiring group therapy
A hilarious two minute promotional video from Microsoft, shows a small number of men and women sitting through a group therapy session. The topic appears to be about failed relationships. "She doesn't understand a (bleeping) thing about me," volunteers one member of the group. "Her hanging out with celebrities, acting all cool and stuff. I wanna be a part of stuff." One of the girls sitting in the session says, "When I ask her for something, it's the same old story. I'm sorry. I don't understand."

As you might have guessed by now, this group is not discussing normal human relationships. This group is comprised of Siri users. "I just feel like I have to think of occasional suggestion would be nice," complains one female user of Apple's voice activated virtual personal assistant.

All of a sudden, the topic turns to Cortana, and all of the good things that members of the group have heard about Microsoft's personal assistant. "Cortana picks up on your likes and adapts with you," says one female group member. We won't give away the ending, except to tell you that it involves a joke about Siri.

The clever spot was produced to promote the Nokia Lumia 635, one of the new Windows Phone handsets that can be purchased with Windows Phone 8.1 pre-installed. In the states, that means Cortana is available for you to use right out of the box.

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