Nokia Lumia 1520 camera app screenshot reveals there might be new PureView tech inside

Nokia Lumia 1520 is shaping up to be the biggest Lumia for Nokia yet, literally and figuratively, as it might be the last major solo release before Microsoft takes the reigns there.

Besides a purported 6" Full HD display, a first for WP devices, the phablet is likely to sport some new camera tech of the PureView Phase 1 variety that oversamples a higher resolution photo to a lower one, creating one perfect pixel out of the info derived from several in the process. Judging from the leaked camera interface screenshot on the right, the camera might indeed by near 20 MP, as speculated, with a 16 MP wide aspect ratio resolution, whose photos then get oversampled to 5 MP. 

All in all, this confirms that the Lumia 1520 will carry a bunch of "firsts" inside, such as the first 1080p display on a Windows Phone, and the first panel of this size, as well as eventually a scaled-down version of the 41 MP PureView sensor, that takes up much less space, yet employs similar photographic prowess, which keeps us warmed up for the next handsets that will come from Nokia after it moves under the Microsoft umbrella.

source: WMPU

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