Nokia E7, C7 and C6-01 get announced at Nokia World 2010, all with Symbian^3

Nokia E7, C7 and C6-01 get announced at Nokia World 2010, all with Symbian^3
UPDATE: Our Nokia World 2010 coverage and hands-on videos of the new Nokia smartphones can be found here.

Nokia World kicked off in London today. With the enormous management shake-up in just two working days, we are expecting nothing less than pivotal announcements from Nokia how it will turn the ship around. The next Eseries business phone, as well as the Nokia C7 were almost a certain to be revealed, and Nokia didn't disappoint in that respect. We are waiting more interesting tidbits as the event unwinds, but for now let's recap the new members of the Eseries and Cseries that Nokia unwrapped in the keynote.

Nokia E7 was the big announcement here - 4" AMOLED screen in the nHD 360x640 resolution on top of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It looks like Nokia got itself a new Communicator-like device here. There is an 8MP camera with dual-LED flash, capable of 720p HD video capture, and 16GB of onboard memory.

Pictures and video can be edited directly on the phone, and shown on a bigger screen via the HDMI-out port. The Nokia E7 is made of "premium materials" (aluminum casing, we'd guess), thus ensuring a thin and light, but durable handset. Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound is present, which will certainly come handy in a conference call.

The E7 business acumen is taken care of with a complete security package that includes remote lock&wipe, and secure intranet access on Microsoft SharePoint Server. QuickOffice, Bloomberg and Vlingo come preinstalled on the Nokia E7. It will be available in Q4 this year in Dark Grey, Silver White, Green, Blue and Orange at around 495 euros ($638) unlocked.

The other handset that was announced is the Nokia C7. This one looks like a lower spec'd version of the Nokia N8. 3.5" AMOLED screen with Nokia's favorite nHD resolution, an 8MP camera and dual-LED flash, plus 8GB of onboard memory come standard.

The C7 handset boasts "extensive use of metal", and 720p HD video recording. "Tactile feedback on a touch display" might mean the technology Nokia was developing for years, which is similar to what the BlackBerry Storm is offering. However, it might just mean haptic feedback, we are curious about this one. The Nokia C7 will be out in Q4 in Charcoal Black, Frosty Metal and Mahogany Brown, for which you will pay about 335 euros ($432).

If you have bought a Nokia C6 already, you might be surprised to hear that Nokia outs a C6-01, which looks like a completely different animal. It disposes of the QWERTY keyboard, bumps the camera resolution up from 5MP to 8MP with dual flash, and the screen technology to capacitive AMOLED, plus it looks way cooler than the Nokia C6.

On top of that, the handset comes with the newer Symbian^3, rather than the Symbian S60 v5 on the original C6. Nokia is also sporting something named ClearBlack display for improved outdoor visibility in the C6-01, which is not listed on the others. The handset will come in Q4, with Silver Gray and Black casings and is the cheapest of the bunch at 260 euros ($335) without carrier subsidies.

All of the handsets above are running Symbian^3, which means they will sport USB-on-the-go for transferring files between your thumb drive and you will be getting rid of the more annoying details of the Symbian^1 UI. The phones feature Nokia's free voice navigation in 78 countries, and Ovi Maps just got updated with location check-in capabilites for Facebook straight from the appplication as well as real time traffic updates and public transport routing in 85 major world cities. All in all, Nokia revamped its smartphone portfolio with updated UI, 8MP cameras, and capacitive touchscreens. Will this be enough to hold the fort until Symbian^4 and MeeGo hit its devices, remains to be seen.

Nokia E7 Specifications
Nokia C7 Specifications
Nokia C6-01 Specifications

source: Nokia



1. SK unregistered

nHD(360*640) on a 4 inch screen cmon nokia stop kidding and robbing us

2. Liberian unregistered

It's a business-device, not a multimedia device. At least its amoled, amoled makes any res screen look great.

3. Stevie Jobs unregistered

Nokia, when you want to add a Super AMOLED screen than can compete with Samsung phone with 1280 X 1224 (megapixel resolution) screen that can make the I Phone 4 retina screen look like the old STN screen.

4. bucky

Posts: 3795; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

Lul. Poor fanboy. That screen is nice but it isn't as good as the retina. It looks the same as a regular amoled screen. Go ahead and check any comparison on the net. Or better yet take it outside and read the reviews-tell me if you can read it. :)

5. thatdude1 unregistered

Who cares about how good a retina screen is if the phone can't perform phone functions like a phone call?

6. bucky

Posts: 3795; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

Never had a problem while I had it and most won't either. My desire has more problems than the iphone with software glitches. Being the one always compared to I can see how everyone holds on to anything to get the upper hand though.

7. Dojob unregistered

What another iphone fan with his americanice product!!! What a shit. Only American always use their own product not another country. I have been travelling to a few country in Asia and Europe there are only a few people using American car. For example in Malaysia I never seen people who drove Cadillac or even Lincond. However there a lot people there using Europian Luxury car like BMW, Benz and Audi. Iphone is not so popular in Asia compare to Nokia, Sony Ericsson , HTC or Samsung phone.

8. Jonathan Lee unregistered

What the hell Iphone fan with his TFT retina display. If Nokia is using only AMOLED(not super AMOLED) screen with retina screen resolution. Iphone retina display will not look like the old STN screen but look even worst than the black and white screen. ha.ha..ha. Although you say that retina display (TFT Display) it's better than normal AMOLED display , However it's battery of retina display is more power hungry compare to AMOLED, because it's TFT.

9. incidentflux

Posts: 10; Member since: Dec 02, 2008

According to the GSMArena Blog, the Nokia E7, C7 and C6-01 cameras don't have auto focus (50 cm minimum fixed focus distance). This is very disappointing, can you guys confirm this please and update your E7 specs/comparison page accordingly.

10. Tex unregistered

The nokia c6 it has better screen than n8 and c7 clear black display and I'm wondering c6 the cheapest one but the ugliest phone made by nokia don't know nokia design not attract that much, wondering how nokia going to update those phones from symbian3^ to symbian 4^ in 2011?! I know nokia they are going to relase a new phones with symbian 4^ as usallay

11. Charlie unregistered

wnt to which is best mobile E 7 or C6 01 n frm whr can i purchase

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