Nokia C7 caught on film in China, looking good and boasting a capacitive display

Nokia C7 caught on film in China, looking good and boasting a capacitive display
A Chinese blog has posted a slew of pictures of the upcoming Nokia C7, which we saw a prototype of, but with a much blander design. The rumored specs seem to have remained, though, and that is a good thing, since Nokia has finally ditched the usual resistive screen for a 3.5” capacitive one, albeit you can't use it with gloves in Finland. We can't see any other reason for Nokia to stubbornly grace only the likes of X6 with this circa 2007 screen technology until now. Oh, yes, they cited character recognition in Asia, where most of their business comes from. Hmm, this C7 seems to be running Chinese just fine, and as for writing – no one in Asia will miss resistive for that reason.

If we distance from the liquor bottle and the LV keychain (the guy's idea of bringing class to the photoshoot), the Nokia C7 actually looks good, with golden chrome-like rim, shiny black front, and brushed metal back. Two other features that make the phone pretty compelling for Symbian fans are the 8MP dual-LED flash camera, and the 8GB internal memory visible from a screenshot, despite that the battery is the average 1200mAh. There is something else rather intriguing, though – we notice two speakers flanking the camera, so it might as well be the C7 has stereo speakers, which will coincide nicely with the Dolby Plus surround sound that will be going into the N8, if this one has it as well.

Otherwise Symbian^3 doesn't look much, if at all, different from the S60 v5 found on the other Nokia touchscreen devices – 5 widgets on the homescreen and all. Nokia people keep saying to wait the final release, and that most changes are under the hood, but we have the sneaking suspicion that things would stay more or less the same. The Nokia C7 should be priced above the C6 and below the N8, so we are looking at something in the realm of 300EUR/$400 for this one, give or take a fifty.

The Chinese also made a video of the Nokia C7 (posted below), which is either of the prototype handset, or of a different color version, since it looks like a plain vanilla black handset on the video.

source: via Engadget

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