Nokia 6205 is a stylish flip phone for Verizon

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Nokia 6205 is a stylish flip phone for Verizon
Today we received the first images of the upcoming Nokia 6205 for Verizon Wireless. At this time, information about the 6205 is hard to come by, but we know it will be an entry-level device and will feature a 1.3MP camera with flash, speakerphone, external music controls, and a microUSB port. We're not sure if it will have EVDO or not, since there are conflicting reports. From the images, the internal display looks to be smaller than average, so it will probably not be QVGA. The expected release of the 6205 is to be around mid-June in an all black and silver & blue version (shown), with the Nokia 2605 and the higher-end 7205 coming a few weeks after.

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