Nokia 6205 is a stylish flip phone for Verizon

Nokia 6205 is a stylish flip phone for Verizon
Today we received the first images of the upcoming Nokia 6205 for Verizon Wireless. At this time, information about the 6205 is hard to come by, but we know it will be an entry-level device and will feature a 1.3MP camera with flash, speakerphone, external music controls, and a microUSB port. We're not sure if it will have EVDO or not, since there are conflicting reports. From the images, the internal display looks to be smaller than average, so it will probably not be QVGA. The expected release of the 6205 is to be around mid-June in an all black and silver & blue version (shown), with the Nokia 2605 and the higher-end 7205 coming a few weeks after.

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1. DeeMan unregistered

You mean to tell me that Nokia is gonna take another shot at trying to release a quality phone on VZW's network? Wow!!! Let's hope this one pans out. The last decent (and hugely underrated) phone they had with Verizon was the 6315.

2. sinfulta unregistered

It's a basic phone that looks good... It will sell well. What's funny is they say that there will be no EVDO, and then in the screen shots it shows EV signal and 1X. Hummmm.

3. unregistered

Yes Dee Man, you're correct, however the 6315, and the 6215 were simply Pantech Phones branded as Nokia, since Qualcomm and Nokia were in long turmoil over the CDMA chipset. However, the last GOOD phone that Nokia sold as CDMA was the 6255i. That was an actual Nokia phone, and honestly... one of the best phones I've ever owned. I still have it as my backup.

11. DeeMan unregistered

Ahhhhh..... the 6255. Almost forgot about that one. Nice and blue. And reliable. But if Nokia ever got their act together with CDMA, I would love to see the Prism on VZW. I know it's a junk phone, but it looks nice :-)

4. Sammo unregistered

Another phone that proves my point that verizon gets the most retarded phones ever. I thought T-Mobile was bad.

5. George unregistered

I don't see what is so bad about VZW's line up. I have a Flipshot and it is great. The only bad thing, is that they are taking what feels like FOREVER to release cool phones like the Glyde, Dare, Decoy, VX8560...

12. DeeMan unregistered

The Glyde will be out May 9th. As for the other three ... ???????????

6. unregistered

Nice looking design, but the turquoise needs to go. That and those stupid touch music controls on the front. Put some real buttons there. And it looks like it doesn't have S40. I wonder who really designed this phone? Verizon or Nokia? So glad I don't have Verizon.

7. Poncho unregistered

This phone looks like a candy. Is this the only color option ?

8. XXX unregistered

I dont know, it looks too much like something Samsung would turn out, it really doesnt reflect Nokia's design queues, unless they took a different approach for CDMA.

9. unregistered

reminds me of my old Sanyo from sprint or my old Panasonic from AT&T.

10. unregistered

to #6 what's S40????

13. unregistered

Siemens S40 (ancient)

14. unregistered

no... s40, as in the interface.

15. unregistered


16. unregistered

software issue. do not buy

17. unregistered

what software issue? please explain.

18. unregistered

man this circuit city add its anoyng

19. britstyle

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 22, 2010

I own a nokia 6205 and have many problams with it. i havent even had this phone for a year and vzw had to send me a replacement phone. So i dont recommend this phone to anyone

20. ur mom unregistered

dont buy this piece of crap phone!!!! mine has been frozen for 2 weeks!!!!!!! nokias suck!!!!

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