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Nokia 3 (TA-1038) is certified by the FCC

Posted: , by Alan F.

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The entry-level Nokia 3 (TA-1038)  has been certified by the FCC. Expected to launch in, India, Middle East, Africa, Asian Pacific and Europe markets sometime next quarter (May seems to be the best guess), the phone should be priced at the equivalent of $150 USD. The device is in the process of being pre-ordered in Germany and the Netherlands; while the FCC visit is no guarantee of a U.S. launch for the device, it still bodes well for those stateside Nokia fans hoping to snag the Nokia 3.

The Nokia 3 should come with a Gorilla Glass protected 5-inch display, carrying a 720 x 1280 (HD) resolution. Powering the handset is a MediaTek MT6737 chipset with a quad-core 1.4GHz CPU and the Mali T-720 MP2 GPU. 2GB of RAM is inside along with 16GB of native, expandable storage. Those needing additional storage can access the 256GB capacity microSD slot. The rear-facing and front-facing 8MP cameras feature an f/2.0 aperture. A 2650 mAh battery fuels the device, and Android 7.0 is pre-installed.

The U.S. bands that will support the Nokia 3 in the states include LTE bands 2, 4, 7, 12 and 38. The U.S. version of the phone will come with VoLTE, a fingerprint scanner, NFC and four color options (Silver White, Matte Black, Tempered Blue and Copper White).

Check out some images of the Nokia 3, along with some of the documents that were part of the FCC filing. Simply click on the slideshow below.

source: FCC via NPU

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posted on 18 Mar 2017, 15:15 2

1. Xperia14 (Posts: 914; Member since: 01 Sep 2015)

Come on HMD Global, release a flagship with an awesome camera!

posted on 18 Mar 2017, 15:37 2

2. microsoftnokiawin (Posts: 1236; Member since: 30 Mar 2012)

rumours say july

posted on 18 Mar 2017, 16:36 1

3. nokia12 (Posts: 582; Member since: 19 Nov 2013)

July - AndroidNokiaWin ? :)

posted on 18 Mar 2017, 21:39

7. SYSTEM_LORD (Posts: 1021; Member since: 05 Oct 2015)

I'm personally looking forward to a SD660 device from them, between 5"-5.5" and FHD. I think the rumors point to something like this. From the looks of JerryRigEverything's tests, these things are pretty tough. Also interested in the Xiaomi Mi6. Oneplus' software has been sketchy with me lately...lot's of force closes out of nowhere.

posted on 18 Mar 2017, 17:01 1

4. MOTOREZOID (Posts: 106; Member since: 21 Jul 2015)

If this decision was made sooner (using android) instead of insisting on CRAPIMBIAN, then the whole story was something else today.

posted on 19 Mar 2017, 10:57

11. sgodsell (Posts: 4855; Member since: 16 Mar 2013)

More like if Nokia didn't go with Microsoft's​ Windows Phone, then things would have been completely different for Nokia. Windows Phone came out in late 2010. Both Android and iPhones were already established. Not to mention they we're already growing vast ecosystems. Windows Phone was just starting up. Look at where it is today. Last quarter there was 428 million smartphones sold (Q4 2016). Only 1.7 million WP/W10M devices sold. That isn't even 1% of the market smartphone market sales. Microsoft's ​mobile platform continues to shrink.

posted on 19 Mar 2017, 13:00

12. MOTOREZOID (Posts: 106; Member since: 21 Jul 2015)

Mistake after mistake, symbian, then windows phone, it's like that someone fight with 10 or more peoples, Nokia with an unpopular windows phone OS (@the time) against at least 10 companies that were armed with a new sweet OS, Android. so what was the result? It's obvious, falling day by day. Nokia is one of the pioneers in this business and together with Motorola and Blackberry have done great things for this tech. Any way, the lesson everyone can take from companies like Motorola or Nokia is: "Never insist on something that nobody wants."

posted on 18 Mar 2017, 19:29 1

5. Arthurhkt (Posts: 582; Member since: 19 Apr 2012)

I just wish that they will add in a tiny bit of Symbian UI, we already had so many Stock Android out there.

posted on 18 Mar 2017, 20:41

6. sgodsell (Posts: 4855; Member since: 16 Mar 2013)

On the Play store there is a few Sylvian launchers and even a old style Nokia Launcher. Besides you could always make your own.

posted on 18 Mar 2017, 23:15

9. Arthurhkt (Posts: 582; Member since: 19 Apr 2012)

But.... that just changed the icons tho, not much to the overall UI, haha.

posted on 18 Mar 2017, 22:11

8. corporateJP (Posts: 2458; Member since: 28 Nov 2009)

AT&T and T-Mobile have execs that are historically Nokia-friendly, so I'm pretty confident this has gone through the FCC for good reason. I'll pick one up for sure, but I really would rather have the 5.

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