No plan minutes used during iPhone 4's Face Time video conferencing

No plan minutes used during iPhone 4's Face Time video conferencing
Just in case you were wondering, Apple says that using the iPhone 4's FaceTime video capabilities will not cost you any minutes from your monthly voice plan. So what does happen to your voice call once you switch over to video? If the voice call stays active in the background while you are having some "FaceTime", you could be eating minutes off your monthly allocation even though you are using Wi-Fi for the video connection. But the good news is, according to an Apple spokesman, once you start a FaceTime video, any phone call that is active is dropped as the video connection takes precedence and the meter that counts how many minutes you are using comes to a stop. This is only a temporary answer because once FaceTime becomes available over 3G, there will be some new questions like, will a 3G video call count toward voice minutes? Will it eat up your data plan allowance? This becomes very important because once AT&T does away with unlimited data, as we have told you they will, how much of your monthly bandwidth cap will be used up by a video chat? Once Apple is able to work out 3G video conferencing to its satisfaction,  we're sure they will quickly let us know what the new rules will be.

Apple iPhone 4 Preliminary Specifications

source: BusinessInsider


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