No marketing might mean zero revenue for app developers

No marketing might mean zero revenue for app developers
The brief figures out of a fresh study on developers and app success, tell it all about how important app marketing is in today’s overcrowded industry, but suspiciously come from a company selling mobile marketing. Conflict of interests? Most obviously, but we’d still check out their numbers with interest (and a huge grain of salt):

- 91% of developers theoretically believe that marketing is a key to their success, BUT:
- 52% of developers are allocating $0 dollars for marketing of their apps 
- 52% of devs spends 5% or less of their time promoting their creations
- some 80% of developers can’t get enough income to even support a business.

The big “surprise?” 12% of developers currently can brag about revenues of $50,000 or more. And that’s not a coincidence but a solid marketing budget of nearly $30,000 and 14% of their time spent on marketing.

There you have it, a marketing lesson learnt. Still, you'd need to have a quality app, and if not all the marketing in the world won't help. Do you agree with the survey’s results? How important you thing is marketing to app success? Sound off below.



2. ILikeBubbles

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as far as ads... they don't particularly bother me but i won't hesitate paying for an app i know i will use for a long time in the future. for example... why would i pay 2.99 to use the ICS keyboard on Gingerbread when i know in a few months i'll be using ICS itself? i understand the need for revenue... most android developers are just normal people who can't quit their day job however... i really don't want my purchase list spammed by apps i'll never download again.. i already have a few i bought while on sale that i don't plan to install ever again which, is on me. plus how the play store now has that tab with EVERY APP YOU'VE EVER DOWNLOADED is kind of a turn off too... i really wish there was a way to "favorite" an app so it will appear there... or clear the list... or something. as a rooted user who flashes the new version of MiUi ever other week or so i am grateful for the list of past apps if the infrastructure is too new to remember the ones i downloaded before (miui ics is still in beta stage mostly xD) but i really don't need to keep the apps that i tried once for 5 minutes and didn't end up liking.

1. networkdood

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They are better off getting revenue from in-app purchases - see Facebook. Personally, I never click the ads - I have no inkling to do so.

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